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    Wake Forest went too Conservative

    Wake only needed 15 yards to get in field goal range. The results speak for themselves. Playing for overtime lost the game.
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    Wake Forest went too Conservative

    And they lost - they should have played to win. The offense had been moving the ball all day on clemson's defense. Instead, Wake went conservative, played not to lose, and still lost. It's not like they were at their own 35 or something.
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    Wake Forest went too Conservative

    Yep. Wake had the ball at the clemson 48 with 39 seconds left. The tigers were out of timeouts. It was 4th and 5. They should have gone for it right there and tried to win, but instead they punted.
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    Beamer notes that we are 10-2 in the 4th quarter

    If you watch the clip it's not as bad as it sounds just reading it. Seems like he was responding to a question about what do you say when you're down big...Beamer was saying just keep playing no matter the score.
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    Has our 3 major Men's programs Ever been this noncompetitive at the same time ?

    The best I can come up with would be the late 90s, but there aren't any terrible years in all three sports at the same time. Football and basketball have some pretty bad seasons, but baseball only has one losing season in that stretch. It would seem we're in the middle of one of the poorest...
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    How many points does the offense have to score this Saturday to satisfy you?

    I'm hoping for a Charleston Southern performance (72-10) or a 2013 Coastal performance (70-10).
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    Facts are stubborn things

    I'm pretty sure a subjective power ranking isn't factual. It's someone's opinion.
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    Need help with printable roster
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    Rumor has it, it's playoffs or the door for Matt Rhule. If he's let go, do we go after him?

    Dude. If you really want Carolina to fire Beamer now, you need to just step back and come back in a couple years. Otherwise you're just going to be very miserable.
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    Step away from the ledge

    I agree with points one and two, but I have little faith in Satterfield at this point. He seems lost from a play-calling perspective and I've not seen much improvement from last year to this year. That 3rd and 6 with Joyner was the last straw for me; he's just got zero situational game awareness.