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Michael Penix predicts Kalen DeBoer will win national championship within three seasons at Alabama

IMG_6598by:Nick Kosko01/29/24


Jalen Milroe discusses Youth Camp, Kalen DeBoer | Alabama Football

Michael Penix Jr. predicted Kalen DeBoer would win a national championship at Alabama soon. In fact, it’ll happen in the next three years, according to the NFL-bound quarterback.

Penix Jr. and DeBoer came together and flourished at Washington after QBs transfer from Indiana to reunite with his former coach. The two came up just shy of a title to Michigan this past season.

Now with Penix Jr. off to the NFL and DeBoer replacing Nick Saban, the quarterback is confident in his former coach getting it done.

“Man, he is an amazing coach, man,” Penix Jr. said on WNSP. “He’s gonna push the guys extremely hard. He’s gonna make sure every player is 100% prepared, you know, come game day and man and you know, especially on the offensive side of the ball, you know, man, they’re gonna light it up. 

“The offense that he installs you know, it’s amazing, you know, it’s, it’s a lot of pushing the ball down the field but obviously being smart with it and the timing of the plays, it’s perfect.”

When asked for his prediction, as in if DeBoer would win it all in three years, Penix Jr. was emphatic.

“Yeah, I believe so,” Penix Jr said.

It seems like DeBoer is all in with his new players. He had to re-recruit some, go out on the trail for new ones and implement his vision with the program to build upon Saban.

DeBoer detailed as much on The Dan Patrick Show.

“Meeting with the team and really trying to get in front of them and just the craziness of college athletics and, in particular, the portal and just trying to make sure that they got a feel for who I was in the moment,” DeBoer said of the first thing he did when he landed in Tuscaloosa. “As soon as I landed, got in front of them. But the next four days or so, trying to be with them individually, in groups. You’re trying to build a staff at the same time and showing them the vision and feeling the personalities of those that will be coming into the program to coach them.” 

This type of balance and preparation could allow DeBoer to keep the championship tradition going at Alabama.

“So that balance right there kept me busy for those four or five days, and now it’s kind of reaching out and getting to the recruiting that’s been done, whether it’s guys that have signed and just trying to continue to impress on them their importance in our program and how I’m excited to have them join us,” DeBoer said. “And of course, the classes in the future, the ‘25s, the ‘26s and so forth.”