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Todd McShay calls Bryce Young the 'next generation' of NFL quarterbacks

On3-Social-Profile_GRAYby:On3 Staff Report01/20/23

The 2023 NFL Draft is only a few months away and with the college football season over it’s prognosticating season. One analyst is calling Alabama quarterback Bryce Young the ‘next generation’ of NFL quarterbacks.

ESPN analyst Todd McShay described Young as just that on a recent episode of the First Draft podcast.

“As a new guard evaluator — and I know I’m 45, but I’m still the young guy in this equation — I see (Bryce Young) as the next-generation type of guy,” McShay said. “He loves the game, he has such passion for it, he is such a great teammate. he’s intelligent, he processes quickly, but the important thing with his game is the ability to feel pressure, understand where it’s coming from and just deal with it.”

His ability to make some plays despite his smaller stature has McShay valuing Young incredibly highly.

Young made a habit of converting difficult down-and-distance situations thanks to his ability to extend plays either from inside the pocket or outside. Sometimes it even looks a little unconventional.

But it works.

“I was sitting in the GameDay bus with Kirk Herbstreit and we were talking about it: He is Steph Curry of college football and will be in the NFL.”

Bryce Young the next generation?

The one key question mark with Young going into the 2023 NFL Draft does seem to be his size. At a listed 6 foot flat and 194 pounds, he’s pretty small for an NFL quarterback.

McShay doesn’t think that should be something that causes NFL teams pause.

Young is just that good.

“Throw out the measurables, he’s just going to find a way to avoid contact and always be able to create and make that play that most quarterbacks can’t,” McShay said.

“That’s why I have Bryce Young as the No. 1 quarterback. I’ve got (Will) Levis as No. 3, I have CJ Stroud from Ohio State at No. 2 and Anthony Richardson, the most talented quarterback in the group but the least prepared, at No. 4.”