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4-star EDGE Rueben Bain stays home, ready to win a championship at Miami

Chad Simmons updated head shotby:Chad Simmons12/13/22


Florida State got him on campus over the weekend. Alabama, Auburn and Louisville were at one time being considered. But Rueben Bain decided to stay home and be a Miami Hurricane.

The No. 80 prospect in the On3 Consensus has connections to the ACC program. His uncle Tolbert Bain played at Miami. His brother played at FAU and he is now a Graduate Assistant under Mario Cristobal.

Bain is now part of that Hurricane family.

“I am ready to do it for the family, do it for the community and do it for the city,” Bain told On3. “I thought about other schools, especially, Auburn, Florida State and Louisville, but I decided about three weeks ago that I was going to stay home. “

“The future is bright. I have the opportunity at Miami to stay home and to do something big. And it is going to be great to bring Miami back. I get to be a part of something great in my hometown.”

Mario Cristobal played a big role in Bain’s commitment

Cristobal knows how to recruit. He has been known as one of the best head coaches on the recruiting trail in recent years. He is from Miami. He played at Miami. And he knows how important it is to keep the local talent at home.

He made sure Bain knew that.

“It is not that other coaches did anything wrong, it is just that coach Cristobal was different,” Bain said. “We have built a strong relationship. He was relentless. I knew how important I was to him and that made a big impact. The way he recruited me from the time he got to Miami made a big difference with me. He was just different.”

The Miami class ranks in the Top 10 and is shaping up to be a great first full class for Cristobal and his staff. The season didn’t go as well as the Miami staff and fans would have liked, but Bain is ready to change that.

“At one time, there were some concerns for me when watching this season. It wasn’t so much about the wins and losses, but I want to play with guys that have the right attitudes and that want to win. I have a winning attitude and I am ready to take that to Miami.

“I am going to get players that aren’t cool with losing and will work with me to win. At Miami, I feel I can come in, help change the locker room and make a big impact on and off the field. That is part of the reason I stayed home. I want to help change things. I know Miami can be great again.”

Bain sees Miami getting back to the top

Bain is a believer in Cristobal. He gave Kevin Steele, Charlie Strong and Joe Salave’a the news of his commitment three weeks ago. Cristobal found out about Bain’s commitment Sunday night.

Bain is all in now and ready to change things in Coral Gables.

“The sky is the limit at Miami,” Bain said. “Miami is still Miami. A national championship is coming back. With the class we are building, we can do big things. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I promise, things are going to change at Miami.”

The 6-foot-2, 250-pound EDGE knows how to win. He has won three state titles and he is plaing for a fourth this weekend. He knows how to win and he plans to take that with him to Miami.

“Miami has amazing history, we are going to get great players and it is time to put my own stamp at Miami. I see Miami being the next Alabama. We are going to build something that can be great for the years to come.

“I thought about leaving the city. I was leaning towards other schools at one time, but I want to stay home and help change things. It is time to build a championship team at Miami again and put it on for the city.

“It is time to go get Demari Brown, Andy Jean and guys like that. We get the right guys, make it a winning culture, then we will have Miami back really quickly.”