Michigan QB commit Jadyn Davis eager to prove a point at Elite 11

On3 imageby:Jeremy Johnson06/14/23


Charlotte (N.C.) Providence Day four-star quarterback Jadyn Davis is ready to compete. That’s the theme for the Michigan commit going into the Elite 11 Finals in Los Angeles this week.

Davis feels this week is also a chance to make a statement. The No. 28 overall prospect in the On3 Industry rankings feels like he’s built for moments and events like the Elite 11 finals.

“The way I was raised and the way that I’m built when the lights get bright, I perform better,” Davis told On3. “That’s the stage where you want to perform your best. We’ll separate the boys from the men. The reporters will see throw for throw who is who they say they are. There’s no hiding in this competition… I’m built for moments like this when people may doubt me. I’ve been doubted. This isn’t the first time and it isn’t the last time. I’m going in with a killer mentality and looking to compete.”

Davis says that with a bit of tongue in cheek. He’s a competitor but has also been friends with a lot of the big-name signal callers set to descend on Los Angeles this week.

There is also lot of respect to go around as well.

“I’m friends with a good number of guys out there as well, but we’re going to go throw for throw and much respect to the other quarterbacks,” Davis said.

Jadyn Davis proud to carry the Michigan flag in Los Angeles

Davis will go into the Elite 11 Finals with the full support of the Michigan fan base. The Wolverines’ faithful have always embraced Davis.

He’s ready to make them proud.

“It’s a great deal of pride an honor and I’m extremely grateful for the whole Michigan fan base,” Davis said. “They’ve shown me nothing but love. If anybody says anything at me, they attack them. They’ve shown me love. I’m representing them and the whole Michigan program and that brand when I’m out there. I do that each and every day…I’m trying to show Michigan in the most positive light possible and be victorious as well.”

Big event, big opportunity to recruit?

This week is also a gathering of some major talent from around the country. Davis isn’t privy to who will be where this week in Los Angeles. A name that Davis has a ton of respect for, Jeremiah Smith will take part in OT7 just across town.

Davis talks with Smith occasionally as they both have a relationship off the field. Smith and Davis happen to be committed to schools on opposite sides of the Michigan and Ohio State rivalry.

There is simply mutual respect, not an attempt to hurt a rival.

“We’re cool off the field,” Davis said. “People tried to make it seem like I was specifically going after Ohio State commits but I was asked who I would want to play with and who wouldn’t want to play with the number one receiver in the country as a quarterback. I’m talking to him and seeing where his head is.”

Davis has the leeway to recruit any wide receiver that he connects with. He has his eyes on five-star Ryan Wingo and four-star Boo Carter at the moment. Both players were in Ann Arbor for official visits over the weekend.

Davis had talks with both players after their visits and sounded encouraged by what he heard from them.

“Ryan (Wingo) said he loved it, Boo (Carter) said he loved it, Justin Scott was on the official visit as well, so guys are starting to see everything that coach Harbough is preaching,” Davis said. “My message to guys is to go somewhere you’ll make a name. If you’re a receiver and you ball at Michigan, there hasn’t been a guy that you can say has been that guy for Michigan for some time. If you’re that one, you’ll be remembered forever.”

Davis not an overbearing recruiter

Davis is not one to push other prospects.

“The way I recruit guys is probably a lot different than other guys,” Davis said. “If a guy hits me up and tells me he’s interested in Michigan, then I’m all for it. I’m not a guy that about to sit up and wait for a response and text you good morning every day. If you’re interested for real, then I’m going to talk to you and keep it real with you. I want to see everyone win. I know you’re not going to get every recruit that you want. Everybody is trying to chase their dream of getting to the NFL. Whatever school that they chose they feel like that’s in their heart, that’s the school that can help them get there. I have nothing but respect for that.”