Drake Maye discusses how he has stepped up as a leader entering new season

On3 imageby:Peter Warren05/02/23


There are high expectations for North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye to be a leader this upcoming season for the Tar Heels. He understands those responsibilities are the nature of playing quarterback and being as regarded as he is.

After the North Carolina spring game, Maye was asked about breaking down the huddle before the game and if it was a sign of his increasing leadership in the program.

“I did it a few times last year,” Maye said. “I like getting in there and getting the guys fired up. Each of the leaders throughout spring ball kind of go in there and get it. Coach Hess is the one who points you out. So I enjoy doing it. It kind of gets the guys fired up. Know my role, it comes with position and just try to be vocal and not be kind of shy in there.”

Drake Maye set to be a leader on the football field

There are few doubts about Drake Maye’s abilities on the football field. The rising redshirt sophomore is projected to be one of the top picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. Many experts believe that him and USC quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams would have been the top two picks if they were eligible to be selected in this year’s draft.

Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt said he will be a top-three pick in next year’s draft.

“We saw him in that Holiday Bowl and I was so impressed,” Klatt said. “He is like a baby Josh Allen. He can grow into that. … Great player with great make-up. I think he’s going to be an outstanding pro that I believe would’ve gotten selected over any of the quarterbacks this year.”

Before Maye still has plenty of goals to accomplish this upcoming season that don’t involve the draft. HE has the talent and team to accomplish them, too.

On3 ranks Maye as the second-best player in college football. The only player he is behind is Williams.

“The Tar Heels’ season got off to a shaky start in 2022, but it quickly became apparent that Maye was going to be capable of lifting the team to some impressive heights,” On3 wrote. “The freshman threw for 4,321 yards and 38 touchdowns, while also rushing for 698 yards and seven scores. Perhaps most impressive was his toughness. Maye never hesitated to put his body on the line when it could help his team.”