Flory Bidunga

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Measurements6-9 / 210
High SchoolKokomo
HometownKokomo, IN
As a Recruit
On3 DB / Flory Bidunga
H.S. Scouting Summary

Flory Bidunga is a physical specimen. At 6-foot-10, he has long arms, broad shoulders, and a lot of burst. He is an excellent shot-blocker, both on the ball and from the weak side. He has natural timing and can get up to the square quickly, even through contact. Bidunga runs the floor quickly and purposefully. He can push the break with his handle but does not get too deep and out of control. The jump shot extends out to about 10 feet, so we would like to see that extend. But he has touch as a roll man to finish with floaters and corner jumpers. He needs to improve free throws as he gets to the line a lot. Offensively, Bidunga has a high IQ, he is smart in dribble hand-offs and can post wide and deep on the block. He is a good offensive rebounder. Bidunga is right-hand reliant, but his IQ and explosion allow him to get away with that for now. Physically, he is like a college upperclassman and is already one of the premier explosive athletes in high school basketball.