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2026 5-star QB Faizon Brandon announces commitment date and top four schools

Chad Simmons updated head shotby:Chad Simmons06/27/24


Greensboro (N.C.) Grimsley five-star quarterback Faizon Brandon took an unofficial visit to Alabama last weekend. Following the trip, he is ready to announce his finalists. 

Brandon will be committing on Aug. 3 and choosing between the Crimson Tide, LSU, NC State and Tennessee. The 6-foot-3.5, 195-pound signal-caller has also taken visits to the Tigers, Volunteers and Wolfpack this month. 

“These schools are at the top because of the way they’re recruiting me and how they show me a lot of love,” Brandon told On3. “They have shown me that they can develop quarterbacks and that has been a thing that has caught my eye about all four of these schools. All the quarterbacks they’ve sent to the league are impressive. That’s definitely something I’m looking for in a school and these schools have that.” 

Brandon already knows what matters most in his decision

Brandon called the decision to cut down his list “pretty hard” before sharing that the four programs were able to stand out because of the relationships they have built with him. He also likes how well they have stayed in contact with him. 

So far, Brandon has been to NC State more than six times, Tennessee between four and five times, LSU three times and Alabama between two and three times. Some of the coaches he has connected with are Alabama offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Nick Sheridan, LSU offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Joe Sloan, NC State quarterbacks coach Kurt Roper, Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel and Tennessee offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Joey Halzle

Heading into July, the No. 1 player in North Carolina feels like three of his top programs are in the lead. Multiple quarterbacks in the 2026 cycle committing this summer “sped up” Brandon’s timeline, but he is confident he will be ready to reveal his college destination in August. Before then, the No. 1 quarterback in the 2026 On300 plans to learn more about his finalists through conversations with coaches and speak with his family before committing.

“It will be about the people, where I can be developed and the support around you when things aren’t going well,” said Brandon, the No. 9 overall prospect in the 2026 On3 Industry Ranking. “No matter if a school is far from home or close to home, I want them to make it feel like family. Also, I want to know that I have guys around me other than quarterbacks. I want a school to have a good o-line, a good wide receiver corps and good tight ends. Those are some main things that will play a big role in my decision.” 

Brandon breaks down Alabama, LSU, NC State and Tennessee

Alabama: “They started recruiting me a little later, but that’s because of the coaching change. They’ve come really hard and have been showing me a lot. They didn’t waste any time when I was on the visit. While I was on the visit, they showed me a lot. I talked to the players to see how they like it. They’ve definitely been doing a good job of showing me how they would develop me, how they would support me and how I would be taken care of if I go there. The coaching staff, they’re showing me a lot of good things on how they can develop quarterbacks and help me get ready for the next level after college.” 

LSU: “They’ve shown me a lot of attention since I was pretty young. The coaching staff offered me a little late, but one of the coaches came to the school and he offered me. After that, I went down to LSU and he showed me a good time there and all the pieces they have to develop quarterbacks other than watching film. They have a lot of other tools to help you get ready for the game. Those are definitely making LSU stand out. They have a lot of tools that other schools don’t.” 

NC State: “Since their campus is so close to my parents, I know that they love how close it is. They’d be able to make it to every game without getting a hotel. That’s definitely a main reason why I like NC State. Seeing what Kurt Roper has done with quarterbacks in the past and the way he develops quarterbacks is impressive. He breaks down their games and mechanics, which shows me he knows what he’s doing. 

“Another thing I like about them is how they’re very real. They’re not trying to tell you one thing and then you come there and it’s something different. Terrell Anderson goes there and he’s telling me a lot of good things about them. That’s a plus they have, one of my former teammates telling me a lot of good things about the program.” 

Tennessee: “Coach Heupel runs a very quarterback-friendly offense and he’s been recruiting me very heavily for a very long time. They were one of the first SEC schools to build a very good relationship with me and they’ve been doing it for a long time. That’s been a big thing that they have in their favor and it’s something that other colleges didn’t do. 

“Also, coach Joey has shown me how they develop their quarterbacks, but not just one type of quarterback, but quarterbacks with different styles. Him showing me that he has worked with different quarterbacks – like a runner, a pocket passer and a dual-threat – shows me that he knows what he’s doing with developing quarterbacks.”