Biggest risers in the 2023 player rankings update

Joe Tipton11/07/22
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From left to right: Aaron Bradshaw, Zayden High, Stephon Castle

On3 updated its class of 2023 player rankings on Monday. There was some significant movement throughout the top-150, especially towards the top with a new No. 1 overall player in Aaron Bradshaw. As usual, there were some players who rose and others who fell.

Here are 10 of your biggest risers in the class of 2023 player rankings update.

On3 Industry Comparison Rankings

Five-star C Aaron Bradshaw

Aaron Bradshaw
Size: 7-1 / 210
School: Camden (N.J.) High
Committed to Kentucky

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 17
New On3 Ranking: No. 1

Five-star SG Stephon Castle

Stephon Castle
Size: 6-5 / 180
School: Covington (Ga.) Newton
Committed to UConn

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 25
New On3 Ranking: No. 11

Four-star SF Andrej Stojakovic

Andrej Stojakovic
Size: 6-6 / 185
School: Carmichael (Calif.) Jesuit

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 35
New On3 Ranking: No. 25

Four-star SF Zayden High

Zayden High
Size: 6-9 / 215
School: Chandler (Ariz.) AZ Compass Prep
Committed to North Carolina

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 64
New On3 Ranking: No. 28

Four-star SF Coen Carr

Coen Carr
Size: 6-7 / 200
School: Greenville (S.C.) Legacy Early College
Committed to Michigan State

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 47
New On3 Ranking: No. 29

Four-star SF Cody Williams

Cody Williams
Size: 6-7 / 180
School: Gilbert (Ariz.) Perry

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 66
New On3 Ranking: No. 33

Four-star SG Taison Chatman

Taison Chatman
Size: 6-3 / 170
School: Minneapolis (Minn.) Totino-Grace
Committed to Ohio State

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 60
New On3 Ranking: No. 34

Four-star PG Miro Little

Miro Little
Size: 6-4 / 185
School: Wichita (Kan.) Sunrise Christian
Committed to Baylor

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 57
New On3 Ranking: No. 38

Four-star PG Layden Blocker

Layden Blocker
Size: 6-3 / 175
School: Wichita (Kan.) Sunrise Christian
Committed to Arkansas

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 63
New On3 Ranking: No. 46

Four-star PF Carey Booth

Carey Booth
Size: 6-10 / 195
School: Wolfeboro (N.H.) Brewster Academy

Committed to Penn State

Previous On3 Ranking: No. 80
New On3 Ranking: No. 50

Addtional Risers

4-star SG Gehrig Normand: 69 to 51 (Michigan State)
4-star PG Jeremy Fears: 67 to 54 (Michigan State)
4-star PF Brandon Williams: 70 to 57 (UCLA)
4-star CG Elijah Gertrude: 108 to 59 (Virginia)
4-star C Jacob McFarland: 75 to 61 (Houston)
4-star CG Aden Holloway: 74 to 62 (Auburn)
4-star SG Sebastian Mack: 84 to 65 (Uncommitted)
4-star SF Scotty Middleton: 95 to 69 (Ohio State)