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CP3 Rising Stars Camp: Top Performers

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw08/28/23


Bermuda Run, North Carolina – The 11th Annual CP3 Rising Stars Camp took place this past weekend as over 300 of the country’s top players from the 2026 and 2027 classes came together under one roof. This is an invite-only camp and was split between classes, with close to 175 in 2026 and 125 in 2027.

On3’s Jamie Shaw was courtside for the two-day event. Let’s discuss the top performers from the 2023 CP3 Rising Stars Camp.

2026 Top 20 Game Red Team
2026 Top 20 Game Black Team

On3 MVP: SG Jordan Smith

There was a toughness that we saw in Jordan Smith that lasted from the opening top until the final whistle. It was a relentless style of play that started on the defensive end and quickly turned into a lot of easy buckets. 

Smith is a 6-foot-3 shooting guard from Fairfax (VA) Paul VI. His defense is his superpower; that is what you walk away talking about, his ability to defend the point of attack. That defense got him an invite to USA Basketball U16 Training Camp. In this setting, Smith showed capable on the offensive end, especially when playing up-tempo. He can get downhill in straight lines, and he has great balance with a lot of burst off the bounce. Even in a camp setting, Smith brought it each play, and that stood out. 

Early in his recruitment, Smith claims offers from the likes of Kansas State, Villanova, Georgetown, Maryland, Syracuse, and others.

2. PG Junior County

I had seen Junior County earlier in the season, as he was a starter for the Salt Lake City (UT) Real Salt Lake team as a freshman this season. There, he was a nice role player, able to dribble, shoot, and pass in the high court. 

In this setting, County was able to show that same skill set, that same ability, but in a featured role. County has good size, in the 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5 range. He played with great pace on the ball, initiating the offense in the half-court, and making reads, especially in the pick and role. He was at his best when on the wing looking to score. County has explosion in transition, finishing high above the rim numerous times; he also knocked down jump shots consistently with his feet set. He was consistent and good each game I saw this weekend. 

County claims early offers from Washington State, Cal, and UC Santa Barbara

3. SF Tre’Vaun Clark

TreVaun Clark has good size, and that is something that you notice pretty quickly when he steps on the floor. The San Antonio (TX) Wagner High wing played with a lot of pop this weekend, something I had not seen previously in viewings. 

Clark showed comfort initiating the offense at times, pushing the break off the boards. He looked most comfortable on the wing, creating offense. Clark has long arms with a projectable frame. He played well within two and three dribbles, getting to the rim – above the rim – or pulling up for a jump shot. The form and the release were consistent. He will need to continue working on his balance and footwork, but that will come with added strength. 

Clark claims early offers from Incarnate Word, Texas State, UTSA, and LSU.

4. CG Jacob Lanier

Jacob Lanier showed that he could score during EYBL play this summer. The Little Rock (AR) Maumelle High guard played with the LivOn program. The 6-foot-4 guard averaged 19.4 points and shot 38.8 percent from three this circuit season. 

During the CP3 Rising Stars Camp, Lanier looked comfortable on the ball. He played with a good pace and was especially effective as the initiator in the pick-and-roll. Lanier has good size, and his feel to step into his jump shot – either in the mid-range or from three – was natural. The comfort on the ball was just an added piece to his game. A guard who is capable of setting up players or knocking down shots. 

Lanier claims early offers from Texas Tech, Cal, Ole Miss, TCU, Arizona State, and others. 

5. PG Steven Reynolds

It is unique, at least for me, to walk away from a camp just raving about a player’s feel for the game. After being at the CP3 Rising Stars Camp for two days, those are exactly the conversations I had about Steven Reynolds.

The South Bend, Indiana, stands around 6-foot-4 with a very loose and fluid frame. He was comfortable with the ball in his hands, making plays and creating opportunities in the half-court. Reynolds played fast but controlled. The reads were there as he touched the paint and got the ball to the open man. He also showed he could knock down the pull-up jumpers, especially from the elbow areas. 

Reynolds’ most recent offer came from Purdue. IUPUI and Toledo are the other offers he claims.

6. SG Quincy Wadley

Quincy Wadley made shots, and ultimately, that will be what carries him to his highest levels; however, the takeaway from this camp was the motor. Wadley came out motivated in this setting, making sure his presence was felt on the defensive end of the floor. 

In Sunday’s game, the 6-foot-4 Wadley finished with multiple chase-down blocks. He slid his feet well on the ball and rotated down as a help defender. Wadley, who attends Arlington (VA) Bishop O’Connell, used his length in the passing lanes and turned defense into easy offense. With the ball in his hands, Wadley made shots. He did not force anything and showed range along with comfort, especially with a pull-up jump shot. He made the game easy during CP3 Rising Stars Camp, nothing forced, but very translatable. 

Wadley claims early offers from Georgia, Maryland, Villanova, and Providence.

7. PG Dhani Miller

Dhani Miller plays with such an excellent pace. The strong-framed, 6-foot-3 lead guard is never rushed with the ball in his hands and seems to be okay distributing as well as knocking down open threes. 

Miller played this weekend with a high IQ. That is something we became accustomed to watching with the Georgia Stars program this summer on Nike’s EYBL 15U Circuit. Miller, who attends Montverde (FL) Academy, averaged 17.9 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 3.1 assists this summer while shooting 35.0 percent from three. His feel was impressive at the CP3 Rising Stars Camp.

Additional standouts

PF Elhadji Diallo was one of the top defenders in the camp. The 6-foot-7 forward at Lincolnton (NC) Combine Academy has an excellent frame, long arms with broad shoulders, and huge hands. He moves his feet very well and is able to guard the ball and switch on defense. He is also a very good shot blocker, using his length, timing, and pop. Diallo plays with a tenacity and toughness. Lots of production.

F Christopher Washington is filled with upside; you see that immediately. At 6-foot-7, The Villages (FL) Charter has great length and is a fluid athlete. He showed some comfort handling the ball in the half-court and knocked down shots. As he continues to get stronger, keep watching. 

F Gallager Placide is the twin brother of Gavin. Gallager looked like more of a perimeter threat, comfortable on the ball and getting downhill in the half-court. Placide is a 6-foot-7 wing at Salt Lake City (UT) Utah Prep is an upside player. Intriguing.

PG DeRon Rippey steps into the gym as one of the most explosive players on the floor. He has a quick first step and lives in the paint. He got on the rim in traffic and showed some solid passing reads. There is some electricity in his game.

SF Jalen Montonati is a shooter. That is his reputation and his noted superpower. At 6-foot-7, the Owasso (OK) High wing shot the ball confidently. He also attacked closeouts well here, getting to the basket and drawing contact. He was streaky this weekend, but the confidence and swagger he played with was apparent.

PG Jermel Thomas played a flashy game. He had very good floor vision and was able to throw passes from multiple angles at each level of the floor. He was exciting in transition and touched the paint in the half-court. While he popped with the ball in his hands, the most interesting part for me was his on-ball defense. The 6-foot-0 PG guarded with a great motor. 

CG Ashton Pierce can score the basketball, and it is as simple as that. The 6-foot-2 guard at Huntersville (NC) North Mecklenburg has good length and plays confidently. Pierce scored off the bounce and off the catch, and he scored at each level. It was an impressive weekend. 

SG Trent Perry is an excellent fill-in-the-gaps connecting piece. The Frisco (TX) Lone Star High has good length with a projetable frame. Perry played good defense; he guarded the ball and was in the passing lanes. Perry is a good athlete and plays with confidence.

SF Brisun Hammermeister played with a swagger. He is listed as a 6-foot-7 wing who attends The Villages (FL) Charter School. Hammermeister shot the ball well and showed he could get on the rim and attack a closeout. He plays with some toughness.

C Symon Ghai was the tallest player in the camp, and you noticed him immediately. The Saint Louis (MO) St. John Vianney center is still raw, but his size and the way he moves intrigues. Ghai ran the floor well, he affected play around the rim, and he finished in transition. Keep watching. 

SG Markus Kerr has a natural feel for the game. While very thin, he has great length and played with confidence. He will be at Charlotte (NC) Chambers High made shots this weekend. The upside is clear. 

PF Gavin Placide is a 6-foot-9 forward at Salt Lake City (UT) Utah Prep. He has a very projectable body, and that is where things start. He runs well, moves well, and has very long arms. Placide’s frame looks like it is not done growing. Continue paying attention.

PF Al’Tariq Reevey is a 6-foot-9 forward from Pennsylvania. He’s got the obvious size, but you also like the motor that Reevey plays with. He ran the floor well, he rebounded, and he made shots around the rim. 

F Joe Philon is a 6-foot-7 forward at Tampa (FL) Blake High. He showed pop and explosion in this event. He had a few huge blocks and some very noisy dunks around the basket. 

C Tim Winkler is a 6-foot-10 center from Orlando (FL) Oak Ridge Academy. He has good size, and he played with a good motor. I liked what he did around the basket; showed upside in that area. Winkler finished above the rim in traffic.