Elite 2025 SG Jasper Johnson names top 10 schools

On3 imageby:Joe Tipton01/25/24


Jasper Johnson, one of the top shooting guards in the 2025 class, has narrowed his list of schools down to 10. Moving forward, the 6-foot-4 junior of Link Academy (MO) will consider Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Missouri, North Carolina, Southern California, and West Virginia.

Ranked No. 12 nationally in the On3 Industry Ranking, Johnson is looking to officially visit a few programs in his top 10.

Here is the tentative visit schedule (subject to change):

  • North Carolina: February 3rd weekend
  • Kentucky: February 10th weekend
  • Auburn: February 17th weekend

A visit to Baylor in the near future is also a strong possibility for the Lexington, Kentucky native.

Up to this point, Johnson has already taken official visits to West Virginia and Missouri. Programs like Kentucky, Alabama, and Louisville have all hosted him on unofficial visits.

Johnson discusses his recent college visits

In a previous interview with On3, Johnson broke down a few of the schools he’s visited.

Missouri: “I loved it. Coach (Dennis) Gates has been recruiting me for a while now. I see they’re having a good season. I just had to get out there and visit. I’m in Missouri right now (for high school) so me and him are in contact every day for sure.”

West Virginia: “I loved it. They have a new coaching staff. Coach is having to make a couple of adjustments and things. They’ve definitely been recruiting me since my freshman year, came up to my old high school a couple of times, just building that relationship between us. Coach (Jordan) McCabe calls me two times a day really and we just stay in contact.”

Kentucky: “Coach Orlando (Antigua) reaches out to me probably every day. He wants me to come back home for my college season. They’re planning for me to be there for 9 months and then off to the NBA and that’s what I really want to do in college. I feel like if that’s the best option then it could be there, but if its somewhere else, then it could be somewhere else.

“(Coach Cal) is definitely a good coach. I see how they’re playing multiple guards this year and how they’re making it work.”


Johnson has long been rumored as a reclass candidate, but he says for now, he’s planning to stay in the 2025 class and further develop before he gets to college.

“All my schools are open to me reclassing to 2024, but as of right now, I think I’ll be staying in the 2025 class. Reclassing up is an option, but I think I will probably stay in 2025.”

What he’s looking for in a school

“Somewhere where I can play my role, play my game,” Johnson says. “A coaching staff that really trusts in me and believes in me. Somewhere with a vision and a plan for me. Hopefully I can go to college for 9 months and then be a lottery (pick).”

Johnson Scouting Report

“Jasper Johnson is a lefty with nice size and good length. What he does is shoot the ball. Johnson has deep range that extends well beyond the three-point arc, and he is at he’s best in catch and shoot or with one/two dribble pull-ups. Would like to see Johnson tighten the handle, can struggle once he is in the paint. Lacks blow by burst at this point to get past his man at the point of attack. Has a crafty lay-up package around the basket, especially with the left hand. Solid explosion with a running start. Can get beat off the bounce in the open floor on defense. Will use both hands to dribble, but most of the time it comes back to his left hand. The range extends well beyond the three-point arc. Plays with a lot of confidence. Can get you into sets. Dad played football at Kentucky and NFL.” – On3’s Jamie Shaw