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ESPN releases footage of Michigan-Michigan State tunnel brawl

Barkley-Truaxby:Barkley Truax10/31/22


ESPN, whose cameras were set up outside both locker rooms during Saturday’s Michigan vs. Michigan State game, has released its own footage of the brawl that took place in the tunnel following the Wolverines’ 29-7 victory over the Spartans.

At about the 10-second mark, a security guard is seen running toward the crowd as more than one Spartan is seen ganging up on the Michigan player heading int the tunnel. The video continues as both teams head to their respective locker rooms while the tunnel fills with security and media.

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In the wake of the event, Michigan State has suspended players Tank BrownKhary CrumpAngelo Grose and Zion Young for their involvement in the brawl, and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh identified his players Gemon Green and Ja’Den McBurrows as the players who sustained injuries.

Jim Harbaugh not buying rivalry as excuse for brawl with Michigan State

This past weekend’s Michigan vs. Michigan State game produced quite a horrifying scene as a band of Spartans wailed on one Wolverine player outside the locker rooms afterwards. The fallout has been extreme and the Michigan player even pressed charges while Michigan State is left to figure out how to discipline this disaster. 

Of course, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh was asked about the event as well. One reporter wanted to know if Harbaugh thought the rivalry had anything to do with it. To which he responded quickly and adamantly. 

“No I don’t. I don’t buy any excuse that’s going to be laid off on the rivalry for the tunnel or any other thing that somebody could possibly blame. These are the actions of these individuals and they need to be accountable for them.”

Sounds like Harbaugh believes the Spartans players are deserving of whatever punishments come their way. This was a very serious attack on one of Harbaugh’s players, and he’s not taking it lightly.