Jimbo Fisher Quotes About College Football and Life

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Jimbo Fisher is one of college football’s iconic coaches in the 21st century. From working his way up under iconic head coaches, like Nick Saban and Bobby Bowden, to taking on the Florida State job and then Texas A&M, Fisher has left his stamp on the game. While at Florida State, he won a national championship. When Texas A&M hired him, they made it clear that they expected national championships there too, presenting him with a fake trophy.

Jimbo Fisher is never afraid to share his opinion. He talks fast and passionately when he does so. Here are his best quotes through a great career.

10 Best Quotes From Jimbo Fisher

  1. “It’s really despicable. It’s despicable that somebody can say things about somebody, an organization, and more importantly 17-year-old kids. You’re taking shots at 17-year-old kids and their families. That they broke state laws, that they’re all money, that we bought every player on this group.”
  2. “It was wild for a minute.”
  3. “What’s the truth? Nobody wants the truth. You want a story and a click and a hit.”
  4. “One bad life choice can cost you. Every day is 0-0. Every day you have to make good choices.”
  5. “Our players always say, ‘Treat me like a man.’ Know what I say? ‘Act like a man. You know what a man is? A man is someone who does things he doesn’t like to do because other people benefit from it.'”
  6. “It’s despicable that a reputable head coach (Nick Saban) can come out and say this when he doesn’t get his way or things don’t go his way. The narcissist in him doesn’t allow those things to happen and it’s ridiculous.”
  7. “You’re always going to have those butterflies. If you don’t then you’re not a competitor and you’re not a player. When you lose the feeling in your stomach that’s when you need to not do it anymore. That’s what makes it special and exciting.”
  8. “Usually you’ll find one group — the line, the linebackers or the secondary — that’s better than another, but this defense is just as good in every area. It’s the best defense I’ve ever coached against. I’ve been looking for weaknesses for several weeks and I can’t seem to find one.”
  9. “Expectations are high and you can’t run from expectations. It’s how you deal with them, expectations don’t win games.”
  10. “My dad always told me this, ‘When people show you who they are, believe them.’ He’s (Saban) showed you who he is.”

Inspirational Quotes From Fisher

  • “Talent is what you’re capable of. Attitude determines how well you do it.”
  • “You ain’t callin’ me a cheat. I don’t cheat and I don’t lie.”
  • “We don’t want to spoil anything, we take care of our own, and they are great teams. But we expect to play with them and win those games. That’s why we’re here.”

Leadership Quotes From Jimbo Fisher

  • “We never bought anybody. No rules were broken. Nothing was done wrong”
  • “You coach with people, like Bobby Bowden, and learn how to do things. You coach with other people and learn how not to do things.”
  • “Anytime a guy experiences failure, you always wonder. You’ve got to put him back up on the horse after it throws him off and see what happens. We did, and he gained that confidence back, and I think at the end of the year when he really played well in the bowl game, it came out, and it showed.”
  • “The little things he does that I see, things the fans might not see, are so much better now.”
  • NIL is here to stay in college football and it’s going to be a factor in college football. But those reports and the things that people say are irresponsible and people need to figure out the truth before they do it.”

Funny Quotes From Fisher

  • “It’s amazing. Some people think they’re God. Go dig into how ‘God’ did his deal. You may find out about a lot of things you don’t want to know. We build him up to be the Czar of football. Go dig into his past or anybody that’s ever coached with him. You can find out anything you want to find out.”
  • “I’m sure they’ll (the SEC) reprimand or say something and we’ll move on, I guess.”
  • “Angus. Angus cows. I wasn’t gonna buy no longhorn.”
  • “This idea there’s some fund out there and it was written on BroBible by a guy named sliced bread and now all of a sudden the country believes it?”
  • “The people were very nice to me, security was escorting me in and taking me all around. That’s the first time that’s ever happened. Because most of the honky-tonks I used to be at they would escort me out the back door.”

Team Attitude Quotes From Jimbo Fisher

  • “Worry about what? I don’t mind confrontation. Lived with it my whole life, I kind of like it myself. Backing away from it wasn’t the way I was raised.”
  • “Listen, if we have to get in some kind of special new uniform to make us play well, then we’re not going to be a very good team, anyway.”
  • “That (NIL) had nothing to do with this class… This was hard work by our staff. It’s insulting that to the kids that come here that you insinuate that.”

Success Quotes From Fisher

  • “It was a great run. What our guys accomplished and what they’ve been able to play and do and the quality of the games in which they’ve been able to play in. It was an extremely great run. Hopefully, we can put together another one.”
  • “This is the group when I went to recruit them as a first-time head coach who never had anything out there and they believed in me and this staff to come here and believe the dream which we were telling them we had an opportunity to do.”
  • “They’re saying we’re supposed to win but we have to have our attitude right.”