Senior year evaluations lead to a 2024 On3 150 rankings update

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw02/05/24


The 2024 On3 150 player rankings have been updated. In total, this is the ninth update for the class, debuting a top 50 in February of 2022, expanding to 75 in June of 2022, broadening to a full 150 in October of 2022, and updating the 150 starting in January of 2023. 

Updated 2024 On3 150

On3’s last 2024 ranking update was in November, the beginning of the senior year. We are now almost through the high school regular season. Since the last update, On3 has attended numerous national high school events and team workouts. The sky miles have been accumulating by the On3 national team attending esteemed events like Hoophall Classic, Tarkanian Classic, National Prep Showcase, Beach Ball Classic, John Wall Holiday Invitational, Chick-Fil-A Classic, Hoophall Prep Showcase, The Bash, Battle in the Peach, and others.

Senior season evaluations are a big part of the overall evaluation process of prep prospects. Developments throughout their prep careers, as seen during their senior season can be good evaluation indicators for their abilities beyond high school, ultimately manifested by the NBA Draft. Multiple showcases and events take place every week(end) throughout the high school season. To prepare for this update, On3 has also collected streams and data points and combed through the film for the last couple of months as we ensure the maximum exposure of countless events and players.

The ranking process is a continual and often fluid one. On3 starts ranking recruits after their freshman-year travel season, before the start of their sophomore high school season. That recruit can look a lot different for our final ranking after their senior year championships and all-star games are played. Movement in this update largely accounts for what we have seen through the majority of the 2023-24 high school season. 

We have spent the last couple of months working on this 2024 update so that it will reflect the most accurate and current representation of the recruiting cycle. This work has resulted in 15 players making their debut inside the 2024 On3 150. We have also continued collecting data and viewings of the previously ranked players, putting eyes on them throughout the full recruiting process.

This is the second to last update for the 2024 recruiting cycle. The next, and final update for this class will come after state championships and post-season all-star games are played. 

The goal of rankings at On3 is to assess a prospect’s long-term potential. As we continue forward, a player’s performance on the court and their continued growth will outweigh their earlier rankings. Again, every player’s arc is different, and each ranking is a snapshot in time.

Updated 2024 On3 150

Here are some storylines from On3’s ninth update of a full 150 for the 2024 class. 

Grading the 2024 On3 150

The basketball player rankings scale is as follows: Five-star prospects have grades 98-100, four-star recruits have grades 90-97, and 80-89 grades are for three stars.

In this update, the first 14 prospects are five stars with a rating of 98 or higher. The players ranked No. 15 to 110 are classified as four-star prospects with grades from 90-97. The remainder of the 150 and position rankings are considered three-star prospects. 

At On3, we aim to assess a prospect’s long-term potential, ultimately manifested by the NBA Draft. The goal of the ranking is not to assess who had the best high school career or who will be the best college player. This is why we will shoot to end each cycle with 15 five-star prospects following the lead of the NBA Draft Lottery. The vision for us is draft night.

Cooper Flagg Remains in the No. 1 Spot

While the last update was a short conversation, this update had a little bit more time invested in this decision. At the end of the day, Cooper Flagg has done nothing but continue to get better while producing at the highest levels all season. 

No. 2 ranked Ace Bailey did make this a discussion, however. The 6-foot-8 forward from Powder Springs (GA) McEachern High has put together an eye-opening senior season. Playing in major events and having cameras following him at each stop, his highlights are not hard to find. And when you start watching, his flash plays are pretty loud.

When On3 debuted its 2025 rankings, Flagg was No. 1. When he re-classified to 2024, he immediately took the No. 1 spot. In our first update after his re-class, in November, Flagg remained No. 1. Throughout that time, the Five-Star Plus+ forward has produced big numbers and he has continued to show development toward his ultimate ceiling. 

Flagg is one of the most instinctive defensive players I have scouted in my decade-plus time in the business. His ability to cut angles in the passing lanes and change or alter shots at the rim is unparalleled among his peers. It is a tool that he can hang his hat on as he continues to move forward. 

Ultimately, both of these players were selected for the McDonald’s All-American game, set to take play on April 2. They are on opposing teams, so they will be matched up with one another.

Malauch and Freeman Earn Fifth Stars

Khaman Malauch and Donnie Freeman were bumped to five-star prospects with this latest 2024 On3 150 update. Malauch is a 7-foot-1 center at the NBA Academy Africa. He is originally from South Sudan and has long arms, a strong frame, and natural athleticism. Along with his shot-blocking ability, what is most intriguing about Malauch’s game is his touch. He still needs growth and overall polish with his game, but there is intrigue there with a collection of tools that is unique. 

Freeman is a 6-foot-9 forward at Bradenton (FL) IMG Academy. The continued upward trajectory of the Syracuse signee’s game has been apparent this season. Freeman is averaging over a block and a steal per game while shooting over 50 percent from the field and over 30 percent from three. He is also scoring at an efficient rate, averaging just over 17 points per game. 

With On3’s rankings looking toward the NBA Draft, these two players both fit archetypes that are seeing success at the highest levels of basketball. 

Fifteen players make On3 150 debuts

Fifteen players made their debuts inside On3’s updated 2024 On3 150. Four were inside the top 100, and six debuted as four-star prospects. The highest-rated debut was from Ulurich Chomche, a 6-foot-11 forward from the NBA Academy in Africa. Chomche debuted at No. 21. 

F Ulurich Chomche, No. 21
G Seifeldin Hendawy, No. 76
G Eric Freeny (UCLA) No. 92
G Jase Butler (Illinois) No. 100
F Eric Paymon No. 102
G Ace Buckner (Clemson) No. 107
G Andre Mills (Texas A&M) No. 112.
G Justin Pippen No. 115
G Eduardo Klafke (Ole Miss) No. 118
F Tyrone Riley (San Francisco) No. 136
G Jayden Harris No. 144
F Mitchell Holmes (SMU) No. 145
G Nick Janowski (Wisconsin) No. 146
G Christian Anderson (Michigan) No. 148
F Hudson Ward (Penn State) No. 150

California has the most players in the 2024 On3 150

Nineteen players in the updated 2024 On3 150 play their high school basketball in California. The top-ranked player in California is Derrion Reid. Reid, an Alabama commitment, is a 6-foot-7 small forward at Napa (CA) Prolific Prep. In all twenty-nine states were represented in the update that also saw players from Canada, Finland, and the NBA Academies in Africa and Latin America.

California – 19
Florida – 14
Georgia – 13
North Carolina – 10 
Arizona – 9
Texas – 8
Virginia – 7
Missouri – 6
New Jersey – 5
Utah – 5

Multiple players take big jumps in the 2024 ranking update

Each On3 150 ranking update is a snapshot in time with the goal of assessing a prospect’s long-term potential. Okku Federiko, the 6-foot-5 forward from Drive Academy in Finland, jumped 47 spots in the 2024 On3 150 update. The South Carolina commitment has played a series of games throughout the United States this season and consistently shown considerable improvement over the last twelve months. 

(47) F Okku Federiko (South Carolina) from 135 to 88
(42) G Elijah Crawford (Stanford) from 136 to 93
(34) F Dallas Thomas (Clemson) from 98 to 64
(27) C Daniel Jacobsen (Purdue) from 95 to 68
(26) F Matthew Hodge (Villanova) from 79 to 53
(25) C Miles Goodman (Penn State) from 134 to 109
(24) F Kuol Atak (Oklahoma) from 71 to 47
(24) G Nojus Indrusaitis (Iowa State) from 101 to 77
(21) C Doryan Onwuchekwa (Colorado) from 107 to 86
(18) F Sebastian Rancik (Colorado) from 69 to 51