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Jul 2021



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  • Greg Steinhoff


  • Laurence Bowers

    Executive Director

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    Director of Operations

While other collectives grabbed attention with multimillion war chests and splashy deals in the first year of NIL, the founders for Advancing Missouri Athletes – AMA for short – took their time to organize, stockpile seed money and wait for laws to change in the Show-Me State before going public. After Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed new NIL legislation on June 16, 2022, AMA began collecting public funds to complement what was already privately raised. AMA raked in tens of thousands of dollars within hours of the public announcement. CEO Greg Steinhoff said AMA didn’t want to be associated with the nation’s first wave of NIL collectives, which he described as “the Wild West.” AMA primarily focuses on football and men’s basketball and has hired former Mizzou stars Laurence Bowers and Bud Sasser to help with operations. AMA says the money will not be allocated equally among athletes who agree to partner with them, nor can fans earmark which athletes receive their donation. AMA will not disclose the terms of individual contracts. “Higher profile athletes may also receive more than others,” AMA says. “But every deal is individually negotiated and agreed up by the athletes and AMA.”