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  • Jed Collins


Cougar Collective, which was founded in February 2022, says it’s designed for athletes to engage and connect with boosters, business owners and community members. The collective was founded by Jedidiah Collins, a former All-Pac-10 tight end at Washington State and fullback with the New Orleans Saints. “The Cougar Collective will operate in the full interest of Coug athletes, all while assisting those who seek to realize the benefits of advertising, marketing, philanthropy, exposure and much more,” Clark said. “Whether it's building a brand, capitalizing on NIL initiatives, or comparing entrepreneurial concepts, the Collective will provide athletes with the resources they need to achieve their full potential.” The website lists buttons for a $6, $150 or custom contribution. Washington State athletes, including football player RJ Stone, are releasing digital playing cards through Cougar Collective.

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