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Friends of the University of Notre Dame, also known as FUND, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit collective that uses the Name, Image and Likeness of University of Notre Dame student-athletes to help promote charitable organizations that they are passionate about. The collective is being spearheaded by former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn to help push the Fighting Irish forward in the ever-evolving NIL landscape. “The goal is to provide these student-athletes with the opportunity to be able to take a portion of their time and receive compensation for it, but really falling under the guidelines of God, Country, Notre Dame causes that are bigger than yourself,” Quinn told The Athletic. “And that’s what this is all about.” Irish student-athletes are interviewed, selected and approved by FUND’s board of directors, which includes Notre Dame’s business school namesake Tom Mendoza and former Irish football players Pat Eilers and Jason Sapp. Those student-athletes are matched with select charities. They’re compensated for attending fundraising events, participating in social media campaigns and volunteering at charity sites. The charities themselves receive financial donations from FUND.

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