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Knights of The Raritan - Rutgers Scarlet Knights Collective

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Rutgers Scarlet Knights

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Mar 2022



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  • Jon Newman


  • Jason Belzer

    Founder AD University, Student Athlete NIL

  • Danny Breslauer

    Board Member

  • Jerrold Colton

    Board Member

  • Ken Milller

    Board Member

  • Al Reicheg

    Board Member

  • Ryan Stryker

    Board Member

  • Jeffrey Towers

    Board Member

  • Scott White

    Board Member

Rutgers-focused collective Knights of The Raritan was founded in May 2022 by a group of heavy-hitters with national connections and a specialized focus on NIL. “There are two different boards,” said Knights of the Raritan president Jon Newman said. “There is an executive committee made up of nine of us. There is me, Jeff Towers, John White, Ken Miller, Danny Breslauer, Al Reicheg, Scott White, Jerrold Colton, Russ Nesevich and Ryan Stryker. We partnered with someone who is an expert in this field and that is Jason Belzer. He is a Rutgers grad. He went to Rutgers Law School and is a professor at the business school. He is very involved with business in the NIL space and has worked with other schools launching collectives as well. He has worked with Florida and Penn State, and it was very clear that he was the guy. His group, which is called Student Athlete NIL, will really fulfill that role.” There is also an advisory board that consists of former Rutgers student-athletes in each sport. Quarterback Ryan Hart heads up football while Quincy Douby and Austin Johnson represent men’s basketball. The collective has a subscription-based model that allows people and companies from all walks of life to become involved.

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