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Nuggets: Intel on the Kansas State chase for four-star defensive end

On3 imageby:Derek Young06/15/24


Nuggets on Kansas State (in terms of inside intel) is relegated to our message board at KSO but still spills out the best information on the Wildcats in the market. It’s been a great week for K-State, as they have landed top basketball transfer Coleman Hawkins but also reeled in four new football commits.

A lot of the conversation has surrounded the NIL number for the newest Wildcat, which became public and inspired many to cover that part of his decision and credit Kansas State to their dedication in that space.

While the Wildcats’ NIL resources have certainly improved, is the chatter about it real and are there any lingering concerns?

LINK: Conversation about the K-State NIL situation

Head coach Chris Klieman and the Wildcats are cooking. They’ve landed defensive end Dalton Knapp, wide receiver Adonis Moise, cornerback Martel Jackson and linebacker Sawyer Schilke just this week. Is there more in store?

We dive into where Kansas State stands with a four-star prospect on the defensive side of the ball.

LINK: Wildcats vying for heavily-recruited defensive recruit

That’s not all. K-State is certainly a bit of the flavor of the month when it comes to Big 12 predictions for this upcoming football season. Everyone is infatuated with what they can do with the trio of quarterback Avery Johnson and running backs DJ Giddens and Dylan Edwards.

Are we sleeping on receiver Keagan Johnson? We discuss his potential and why the vibes are positive vibes in regards to his production this season.

LINK: Why we should be excited about Keagan Johnson

We provide a hint of what is inside below.

  • How Kansas State landed Coleman Hawkins.
  • Pros and cons of NIL.
  • What’s real and what’s fake about Hawkins’ NIL rumors.
  • How effective can Keagan Johnson be for K-State this year?
  • Where Kansas State is positioned for a four-star target.

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