10 Best Lines From KSR's Interview With Charles Ramsey

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ksr-ramsey   Matt and I spent the morning with Charles Ramsey at Eric C. Conn's law office in Stanville this morning and America's favorite new hero was everything we expected and more. After a little worry he wouldn't arrive in time, Charles finally walked in and kissed all the ladies on the hand before sitting down for a radio interview with Matt to conclude our show. Afterwards, the three of us discussed Nerlens going to the Cavs and how we can get him to Lexington for a game next season. He wants to be the 'Y'. Here are my 10 favorite quotes from the show:   1.) "I'm willing to pay his $8 million bond and ship him to Puerto Rico, because I know on the way there he will meet his demise. If not, when you get off the plane, you're gonna meet your demise. If not, I wanna pay somebody for you to meet your demise... Can't say that?" Charles is still very disgusted and outraged by what his neighbor, who he thought was just a regular guy, did to the girls he discovered in Cleveland. He might've gone a little too far in airing it out, though. Just a bit. 2.) "No good deed goes unpunished. Me finding those girls... 'Good job, now we're going to rip you apart.'" Since discovering the missing girls a few weeks ago, the media has dug up all it can find on Ramsey's past, which includes a few arrests. But he doesn't care what people say about him because he knows what truly matters: "Three girls were home for Mother's Day," he reminded us. "You can talk about me all you like." 3.) "I have about... approximately... 20 million letters from people." Maybe a little high on the estimate there, Charles. 4.) "Let me ask you something, because I heard if Rick Pitino comes to Lexington he gets spit on." Then he redeemed himself... 5.) "I'm a Rex Chapman fan." Much better. 6.) "I've been taking [McDonald's] up on [that offer] everyday, just to make sure they keep up their word. We go to 4 to 5 McDonald's, one day. Just to look at 'em. When I pull up, they go, 'That's you!' and I go, 'Yeah, give me a Big Mac.'" McDonald's gave him a "Chuck Card' that he can flash for free food for the next year. There is also a 'Ramsey Burger' at Hodges restaurant where Ramsey still works as a dishwasher. 7.) "What I'd rather them do, for the city of Cleveland, is go give the homeless people those burgers and stop focusing on me." And this is why people love him. 8.) "I was able to call Anderson Cooper on the phone and he did exactly what I told him to do -- I knew this was big. He didn't tell me no or nothing. He asked me where I wanted to meet him and I said 'Cleveland' and he said 'I'll be there in an hour.'" Charles didn't really grasp how big he had gotten until he had Anderson Cooper wrapped around his fingertips. 9.) "This has gone totally Hollywood, but I'm still focused on what those girls have been through for the past 10 years. I'm not the hero; Amanda Berry is. I didn't go through nothing. She went through it for 10 years. She had a kid with this bastard." He was "just a dude playing his position," he says. Amanda Berry and the other two survivors deserve all the love. 10.) "You wouldn't be interviewing me now [if he had known right away what was going on.] I'd be in the penitentiary right now, or on my way there. Because I was able to take that dude's head, take it off his body, and kick it down the street like a soccer ball... Said too much?" Listen to the entire interview here:

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