10 (or more) questions of debatable relevance with...Ryan Mossakowski
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10 (or more) questions of debatable relevance with...Ryan Mossakowski

Thomas Beisnerover 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Sorry, son.  No amount of bench press will prepare you for the awesomeness of this interview. It all started back in 1999, when a lanky 16 year-old left the great state of Texas and enrolled in South Oldham High School, where he would perfect the writing style that would make him the 4th or 5th best blogger on KentuckySportsRadio.com.  Then, in 2007, a fearless outlaw named Billy Clyde Gillispie did the same and took the reins of the best basketball program in the country.  Now, this proud, powerful Texas-to-Kentucky pipeline could potentially get stronger as Frisco, Tex. quarterback Ryan Mossakowski considers UK, along with Auburn, Texas A&M and Alabama.  Luckily, Rivals' 5th ranked pro-style quarterback found time for a brutally tough interview with the finest UK site in the land.  Ryan, I hope you brought your lawyer.  You're going to need it... KSR: I noticed that you narrowed your list to the four schools with the hottest girls. Was that the deciding factor? If not, can you touch on what interests you in each program? RM: Hahaha.  No, that was not the main factor, but it's nice that the girls at those schools are hot.  First, I thought about what type of education I will get at each school.  Second, I would have to say that facilities don’t talk, so the people inside make a big difference.  Third, the chemistry between players and coaches. KSR: Well, either way, your eyes are going to like your decision.  Can you try and describe Joker Phillips and Rich Brooks? RM: They are awesome people and great coaches. They are very personal with you and you can relate to them. They make you feel like you have known them for years. KSR: How long has UK been recruiting you? Can you discuss briefly when the interest between you and the school began? RM: They have been recruiting me since the beginning and I think my interest started when I talked to Coach (RB coach Larry) Brinson on the phone one day after school.  He is a good man and I really enjoyed talking to him.  That opened my eyes to look even deeper at Kentucky. KSR: What individual and team goals do you have for the season? RM: My individual goal would be to have fun this year because it's my senior year and I only have one in high school.   As far as team goals, I'd say its to make the playoffs.  But, we realize that we have to take one game at a time and not worry about the outcome.  Just play our best. KSR: What have been your biggest obstacles as a player? RM: I would say playing on a team that has the ability to win every game we play, but we just can’t seem to pull it all together. I have faith in my teammates that we will get it all together. KSR: Rivals say’s you have the second strongest arm in the country. If you had 100 tosses with Matt Barkley, how many times could you out-throw him? Have you guys ever met at camps or discussed arm strength? And, do you plan on dissing him on a rap track anytime soon? RM: Haha.  Matt and I have never met or have never been at a camp together. I know that he is a good QB and I think it would be a tough competition for the both of us.  If he is anything like me, he strives on competition, so it would be a tough match-up.  But, I am not a very good at rap so I can’t imagine dissing him any time soon. KSR: Sell yourself to a college coach. Why should they want you at their school? RM:  I would have to say that I work hard to do the little things right.  I work hard on foot work and I think that I am a playmaker and at the QB spot.  You need someone that can sometimes make plays out of nothing. KSR: Where is Ryan Mossakowski in 5 years? RM: Graduated with a Masters degree and getting ready for the NFL. KSR: Your thoughts on the Brett Favre situation?  It's getting old, right? RM: Brett Favre is a legend and I can only imagine how hard it is to leave a game that you love. He is still really good, but I feel like he is on top and this is probably the best time to leave the game. KSR: You're a pretty big deal in Frisco, Tex. The Frisco Melt is the gem on the Steak N' Shake menu. Have you ever had one? What did you think? RM:  Hahaha.  Yes, I have had the Frisco Melt and its really good.  That’s actually what I always get when I go to Steak-n-Shake. KSR: Who's your team on NCAA 09? You aren't the kind of guy who constantly scrambles with Tebow, are you? RM:  I play with all the teams but I don’t have a favorite. I really don’t like to run unless I have to, I am more of a pocket passer. KSR: What's the weirdest thing about the recruiting process? Besides, well...this interview RM:  I have not had any really weird things happen to me during the recruiting process.  Although, I was at one school's spring game and a bunch of the fans knew who I was and wanted to take pictures.  I have never experienced that kind of attention and it was kind of cool.  And, this interview was not weird.  As a matter of fact, I liked these questions.  Most of the time everyone asks the same questions. KSR:  Thanks, Ryan.  I thought these questions were average at best.  Best of luck this season and with the rest of the recruiting process.  Talk to you later.  I love you.  Wait?  What?  That just slipped ou....[hang up].

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