10 Things You Didn't Know About Vandy

Drew Franklinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


kevinstallings 1.) The character "Bill" from King of the Hill is actually Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings.  Stallings was forced to use the pseudonym "Bill" due to the SEC's alcohol prohibition. 2.) Vanderbilt is a farm team for the up and coming All White Basketball League.  In 2015, the Commodores will leave the SEC and enter the AWBL as an expansion team, along with Cornell and the Indiana Pacers. 3.) A.J. Ogilvy isn't really Australian.  He has just been known to frequent Outback Steakhouse by himself, a la Jared Carter/O'Charley's.  "Outback table for one" is a popular topic on Vanderbilt Sports Radio. 4.) The benches in Memorial Gym were moved from the sidelines to behind the goals in an effort to separate college basketball analyst Jimmy Dykes and Kevin Stallings.  Their love affair, which also includes country music singer Vince Gill, has been featured on numerous ESPN telecasts after it was made public in Gill's chart topping love ballad, "Violent Backdoor Cuts" 5.) Vanderbilt's 41 point thrashing of Kentucky in 2008 wasn't a legit victory.  Billy Gillispie threw the game after losing a high stakes game of quarters to Eddie Sutton the night before.  Billy G wagered UK's worse SEC loss ever against the last PBR in the fridge and the day old slice of Mad Mushroom under Eddie's futon. 6.) Bobby Maze considered a scholarship offer from Vanderbilt before committing to Tennessee.  Maze was quoted as saying, "Vanderbilt is like Daddy's BMW, but, Tennessee is like a rental car full of concealed weapons and marijuana." 7.) Vanderbilt University's student ID is called the V-Card.  If a student loses his/her V-Card, a $25 renewal fee is incurred along with an explanation of how they managed to lose it. 8.) Dan Langhi, Matt Freije, Derrick Byars, and Shan Foster were all NBA busts.  Wait, you knew that already. 9.) C.M. Newton coached the Commodores from 1981-1989 before he took over as athletic director of Kentucky.  His first move as AD at UK was to hire Rick Pitino.  So, without Vanderbilt basketball, there is no Wildcat dynasty in the 90s and Karen Sypher would be just a twinkle in the pro-choice eye. 10.) Despite their #21 ranking, Vanderbilt isn't really a threat to beat Kentucky.  Sleep soundly tonight and sit back and enjoy a beatdown at Rupp Arena tomorrow. Go Cats.

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