12 Signs UK Football Fans are Excited
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12 Signs UK Football Fans are Excited

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
9780061431241.jpeg The above book is a masterpiece....ok well maybe not a masterpiece, but a damn entertaining look at SEC football from a lawyer/blogger who decided to go ahead and go after his sports love in addition to his law career (wonder why I like him?). Clay Travis of CBS Sportsline writes the "Clay Nation" posts, which are always immensely funny and entertaining, which is amazing considering that he is actually a Tennessee fan. His book is great, and his friendship with fans of other SEC schools (including Kentucky) allows him to write dead-on pieces about the glory or infamy of our beloved programs. Clay went to law school with my college friend Tim Weatherholt, and through Tim I have learned of Clay's greatness. Dont believe me? Read his most recent piece on UK football. It is beyond great, as you can see with his Top 12 Ways you can tell UK Football Fans are excited: 1. Popular T-shirt on campus: Fear the Apostrophe. 2. Ashley Judd is coming to a football game but she's announced she's not willing to attend a Lincoln Financial morning telecast because, "We're so over being LF's bitch." 3. Campus newspapers are already running ads imploring fans not to storm the field after the 'Cats upset Florida because, "We've got to act like we've been there before." 4. 'Cats fans have already made reservations for both the SEC Championship in Catlanta and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. (The 'Cats have been to neither of these games in the lifetime of any readers.) 5. Last week, coach Rich Brooks went out to dinner and someone recognized him. 6. Tim Couch is hitting the Lexington tanning beds again so he looks good when the cameras find him in the stands. 7. 'Cats fans have forgotten how much they hate Rajon Rondo. 8. When people wear football jerseys out to eat at Joe Bologna's, they aren't guaranteed to be Lexington visitors. 9. 'Cats fans are starting to believe UK football players really do use Nutter Fieldhouse to train instead of the previous theory that it was actually a barn in a field where frat boys took tri-delts after formals. 10. Old cheer? C-A-T-S. New cheer? C-A-T-S-' 11. Ramel "Smooth" Bradley threw a rap concert and no one came because they forgot he existed. 12. My friend Weatherholt has already run the SEC East tie-breaking criteria based on approximately 48 permutations. He's also e-mailed them to me. Here they are for your perusal.

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