Follow along as Calipari addresses the media

Follow along as Calipari addresses the media

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[caption id="attachment_208864" align="alignnone" width="850"]Oct 16, 2014; Lexington, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari smiles while talking with reporters during media day at Joe Craft Center. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports Mark Zerof | USA Today[/caption] Hey there, friends. Why don't you stop what you're doing at work, which is probably nothing, and follow along as I attempt to keep up with John Calipari during his Media Day press conference. Refresh for updates as it happens. I like my team. Let's go.


-- Things opened up with a question about Isaac Humphries, one of the biggest stories of the summer. "He doesn't even look like the same guy." -- On Joel Justus sliding into John Robic's position: "I need John with me more anyway." -- (Ed. Note: I can't hear Calipari very well and neither can Cutler. We're sitting in a good spot, too. Speak up, Cal!) -- WE HAVE OUR FIRST "ANTHONY DAVIS TOOK THE FIFTH MOST SHOTS!" -- How are we supposed to pay attention when Lonny is tweeting about thongs? -- Calipari jokes that the team will need to play zone in certain situations: "My son." -- "I'll be disappointed if in February this isn't the best defensive team." -- Larry Brown in the house! img_0419 -- "One of the best parts about this job... my team can win the national championship every year." -- Coach Cal tells story of DeMarcus Cousins' mom calling him crying during Cousins' first year in the NBA. She was looking out over the golf course in her backyard, feeling blessed and thankful. Cal said, "Do you golf?" "No." Why are you living on a golf course?" "Because I can!" -- Cal asks media to put a picture of him from his first press conference on the cover of the newspapers. He said he wants everyone to see how much he's aged. "I'm coaching in dog years here. I'm buckling down on Rupp." -- "If my team won a national title and no one got drafted, I would be disappointed...Boy, that’ll rifle through this state." -- Malik Monk is doing stuff that is, "Oh boy!" -- "Tyler Ulis coached my team last year, and the best part? I still got paid!" -- Do we have a Duke reference? I think we have a Duke reference. Cal said it's the ultimate compliment when other programs copy what he is doing at Kentucky. Hey, Duke! -- Larry Vaught goes back to the disappointed comment, asking, "Would you be totally disappointed if you won the title and no one got drafted?" Cal said he would enjoy the title, but there would still be disappointment in not sending any players to the league. (Great question, Larry.) -- "You don't come here to be the guy who is going to shoot all of the balls... You come here to be the best version of yourself and be around other good players... And you learn from people." -- More story time! Cal said Mychal Mulder drove on Brad and dunked on him four straight times. Brad said, "My hip hurts." Cal said, "You better get it replaced!" -- Talking a lot about standing up for social causes, says he tells players to make sure it's something they really believe in and can make a difference. He tells his players, "Because you have a Kentucky uniform on, you're going to be treated differently than someone who doesn't." -- "Isaiah's shot has really improved." -- On Briscoe's leadership: "I couldn't be more pleased." -- Any similarities between this year's team and last? "No." Well okay. -- Names Patrick Patterson and Brandon Knight as players who were good but still managed to surprise him. Adds, "I never thought Josh Harrellson would play." -- Mama Calipari is a little more interested this season, for obvious reasons. "My wife has been to three practices since I've been the coach here. She's been to two of them this year." -- Highlight of the entire press conference... Coach Cal is asked, "Is Brad a better basketball player than you were?" Larry Brown chimes in out of nowhere: "YES." What a way to end it. Plenty more throughout Media Day...

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