A Big Time Recruit.....

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
See that picture? That is the best high school talent to come out of Kentucky in quite some time. It has been a long, long amount of years since a Kentucky basketball player has been a consensus Top 25 player nationally, but Darius Miller may end up being the next one. Coming to you from Mason County, Miller is explosive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and shoot with accuracy that, while maybe short of his fellow Mason County Royal Chris Lofton, is still better than the vast majority of players we have seen in the Bluegrass. There has been much debate over this recruitment and to what extent Kentucky "has a chance." A great deal of information has leaked about what UK has been rumored to do position-wise with Miller and to what extent he will be allowed to play his natural role on the perimeter. There is no doubt that Kentucky wanted an early commitment from Darius and has been pushing hard to make it happen. But as of now, that does not look likely. Rather, Kentucky is likely to see another prolonged recruitment, likely against the usual suspects such as Florida and Tennessee and much hand-wringing and mis-information before the ultimate decision. One thing is for sure. Miller is a stud. I have seen him play and have given multiple views on what his talents are and how he is likely to develop. What about you? If you have seen Darius, give us your take....and watch for D-Miller to be on the show in the coming two weeks. And this picture sure is embarrassing for the kid in green isnt it? (Thanks to Etwnappel from Kentucky Sports Report for the picture)

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