A Boring Saturday in UK Land

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
This is something that I am not really used to. A weekend in February without a Kentucky game to focus on just does not seem like a complete weekend at all. So what does that leave? Well, one can take a walk, clean up the fallen limbs in your yard or go see a movie (and by the way, to the men out there who went and saw "He's Just Not That Into You" last night....and yes, I do mean you Turkey Hunter.....that is simply pathetic....that is a Girl's night movie and I hope that in return you forced her to watch all three Robocops just to make up for it). But if you do want to focus on basketball, you can check out how the Vols can do against Auburn, whether Mississippi State has any mojo left for Arkansas or the battle of the top mid-majors at Gonzaga tonight. For many however, that wont be enough....fretting about Kentucky is what weekends are for and with the reports of the "free-for-all" in Lexington, there has been much to worry about over the last few days. However you should take a step back from the ledge and give yourself a deep breath. As we have said on here a couple of times, the reports from the postgame locker room were vastly overblown. There was a discussion had by some of the players and frustrations were spoken, but the notion of some out of control verbal fight are simply incorrect. Such conversations are a normal part of most teams' environments and the vast majority of the time, the results are kept quiet and not known by the public. This time, Patrick Patterson mentioned it to the media and the message boards ran with it.....but from all that I have been told, the idea that this is a "team out of control" is simply incorrect. Having said that, the importance of Tuesday's game cannot be overstated. Win and you have a chance to still contend for the SEC title. Lose, and an NCAA berth may be slowly slipping out of reach. There is no middle ground for Kentucky....they have to rise up in front of a national television audience and grab a victory over the evil Gators. Do that, and while all is not forgotten, it is put on the backburner......Lose, and it could get ugly. But you dont have to worry about that....its Saturday.....if you are in Kentucky, it is unseasonably warm. The snow has melted, the wind is blowing and you have Spring fever. Forget about the Cats' worries and think about something else that you like. For instance, how about the fact that this guy sits on the front row of nearly every UK basketball or football game:

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