A Couple of Trevan Brown-Inspired Tuesday Thoughts

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trevanbrown I wasnt going to do a blog post today, as I have much Christmas shopping to take care of, but then I realized that I had to use the motivation of my man Trevan Brown of Boone County High School to come through with some writing. Last night I went to the King of the Bluegrass Tournament at Fairdale High School in Louisville and had a great time. While others focused on the two UL commitments, Eastern High School's three Division I signees or Rex Chapman's son Zeke, the guy that stole the show for me was Mr. Brown. With a height of around 6'2" and weighing about 260 pounds, Brown dominated the game for Boone County, scoring 33 points on 15-20 shooting and putting the ball in the basket at will against a 6'9" future Butler University player that had no answer for him. Brown barely jumped 10 inches in the air and seemed to be out of breath from the opening tip off. But like the old man at the YMCA rec league who cant be stopped, Brown scored in nifty ways around the basket and made layup after layup to keep his team in it. I knew nothing about the kid then (I later found out he is going to Miami (OH) to play football next year), but now I know that he is my favorite Kentucky high school basketball player (and for a video of him scoring a bucket a couple of weeks ago, check right here. Boone County is now KSR's team...and it is all because of my man Trevan. Get in line...the Trevan Brown fan club begins here. Couple of notes: --- I understand the buzz about Calipari's comments last night, but a lawsuit by Enes Kanter would have a very small likelihood of success. Kanter would have to show that the NCAA violated its own rules in ruling against him and that the decision was so blatantly incorrect as to somehow warrant court intervention. As even Calipari has mentioned many times, it is a tough, close case and there is almost no chance that Enes could show that. While I have heard some come with theories ranging from Equal Protection to violations of the Civil Rights Act, remember that Enes is not an American citizen, so most Constitutional or statutory protections are not applicable in the forms that they are to KSR's American readers. Hopefully Enes wins at the NCAA level, because that is probably the best and last hope for letting the Turk do Work. --- One of the benefits of having Calipari coach the Dominican Republic team is the same one that Pitino will have with his Puerto Rican team. He hopes to be able to have the Dominican Republic team play against his Kentucky team, potentially during the Training Camp. If the Dominican team were able to have the Camp here, then the UK guys could run against them and benefit the program. Dont think that Rick and John dont know that. There is mutual interest between Calipari and the Dominican Republic (I know he said today that they havent spoken directly, but the interest is there and has been communicated) and we will see what happens. --- I hope you saw Beisner's post earlier on the new Coal Lodge for UK's basketball players. The name is obviously atrocious, but it looks to be quite a building, with three floors and an amazing interior. Having been in Joe B Hall Lodge recently, I thought it to be underwhelming. This new building will not be. --- Put me in the group that hopes Calipari inks Trevor Lacey from Alabama to finish the 2011 class. Kid is scoring crazy numbers and may be one of the five best shooters in the class. He is a four-year guy and can be a solid contributor for the program throughout. He is exactly what UK needs. --- I havent even started my work for the CBS College Basketball Blog and Rick Pitino is already upset about something. One of my new colleagues, Matt Norlander, wrote this piece in which he criticized Pitino's glib attitude toward concussions for his players. Pitino today held up the article at a press conference and said he was quoted out of context. Here is the clip of the statement and you can decide for yourself: --- I did get my assignments for the Blog and will be primarily covering the SEC, Big Ten and Mountain West conferences. There are pros and cons....potential trips to San Diego and UNLV do outweigh the negatives of watching Wisconsin play basketball. --- I hope you saw Part I of the Mitch Barnhart interview, in which he spoke in detail about what was needed to make UK football successful. Tonight he talks in even greater detail about his relationship with John Calipari and the rumors that they are not close. Plus, what he thinks about Billy Gillispie's treatment of players and where the financial priorities are in the years ahead. It is on at 7:30 and 11 pm tonight on CN2 and we will have clips online on Wed and Thur. Finally, remember we have a LIVE BLOG from the game tomorrow at 12:30 pm here at KSR. Make sure and tune in to follow the action, even if you are at work. See you then.... tomdrexler

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