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With Beisner and Matt out of the office today, the mid-afternoon notes have fallen all the way to the bottom of the ladder, only to be picked up by me.  But boy, these notes sure are Late-Afternoon-ey, I can tell you that.  Without further ado, your notes for the late afternoon!

-A piece of surprising news, Rich Brooks was named SEC coach of the year by CollegeFootballNews.com. In case you’re unaware, he beat out Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, the Kiffins, Bobby Petrino, and technically Charlie Strong to win that award.  What this tells us, mainly, is that everyone outside of Kentucky thought we would be awful this year.  For most of us, the season ended up marginally better than we expected.  For some of us we felt like we were robbed a few wins.  For the rest of the nation, they were like, ‘Good God Ya’ll!  Did you see what Richey did after the pre-season 3rd team SEC quarterback went down?  Brooks for President!”  Hey, I’d vote for him

Jamal Mashburn will be making his return to Rupp on Monday, the first time since whenever the last time he was here.  He will be broadcasting alongside the great Jimmy Dykes for what could (and will) be the University of Kentucky’s 2000th men’s basketball victory, after they Avada Kadavra the Drexel Dragons.  Reported halftime shows include a Magliore-Wojo rematch, Rajon Rondo in a footrace against Jerry Tipton, and the Cloggers.

For now, that’s all the news that it’s worth to note.

Go Cats, and good luck on your finals everyone.

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