A little bit about Boogie

Hunter Campbellover 11 years


We have all witnessed the growth of DeMarcus Cousins from a potentially combustible incoming freshman to the focus of the Kentucky offense and one of the most entertaining players in recent memory. It seems the national media has taken notice, as well, as proven by this Sports Illustrated piece about Boogie. Everything from the Peter Parker Swag to the South Carolina 'punch' to dominating Vandy last weekend is covered inside, along with some quotes from the big fella about his feelings on the way refs handle him. Also included is perhaps the best answer to some people who believe that Cousins may still be a problem in the future, and it comes from Patrick Patterson, who believes that Boogie knows where to draw the line in his frustrations.
"Patrick Patterson called Cousins one of the elite centers in the country, and isn't worried about the player teammates call "Boogie'' blowing a fuse at the wrong time. "DeMarcus knows not to get too mad,'' Patterson said. "He can get mad, but not mad to the point where he costs us the game.''
Maybe I won't stop getting frustrated when he gets in foul trouble or nervous when he looks like he's going to decapitate someone from the other team. But if Patrick Patterson says Boogie knows when to stop, then that's good enough to cease me being nervous about him costing us a game. On a day where reporters have chosen to jump (wrongly) all over a quote out of context from John Wall, it's nice to see one of them doing their due diligence on Boogie and telling a little bit of the real story about a guy who gets an unfair rap sometimes. Pat Forde should take notes. Or a long walk off a short pier. Either way.

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