A Quick, Fake Summary: Wildcats Wobble (But They Don't Fall Down)

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Warning: The above video has NSFW lyrics.

So, the Wildcats need a tough guard defensive effort. Who do you turn to?

Landon Slone, the Lock-Down Enforcer. Obviously.

Instead of face-planting on our own court, Slone and the Kentucky defense wakes up to shut down the crazy-hot Owls. After shooting 52% FG in the first half, Florida Atlantic shot just 44% in the second half. That slowed the Owls down enough to allow Kentucky to take control under the strength of Patrick Patterson (27 points on 12-16 FG, 14 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 assists).

Patrick’s roommate (as pointed out by Dave Baker approximately 15 times in the first half) Jodie Meeks had a very bland 16-point game. In the first half, Meeks missed a bunch of open 3-pointer shots, but did make the only 2 3-pointers Kentucky scored today. (2-17 3pt shooting for the game is just dead sexy.) In the second half, Jodie made the jumpers necessary to build a 10-point lead, but was effectively shut down the rest of the game as FAU crept back into the game.

I don’t know what to call the Dynamic Duo of Meeks and Patterson, but Jodie’s nickname should be “Dollar Store Windex”.

Its because Jodie is blue and streaky as hell. Yes, I just reused a joke I made in the game thread. I have no shame.

A few other things:

* Perry Stevenson got blocked. Twice.

* Kentucky had just 7 turnovers for the entire game. That’s the lowest total this year. FAU had 10.

* Michael Porter had 5 assists to 1 turnover in 27 minutes. Liggins had 2 assists to 1 turnover in 15 minutes. Slone had 3 assists to 1 turnover in 25 minutes.

* Kevin Galloway played 3 minutes after sitting out most of yesterday’s practice due to a “coach’s decision”, according to the BBSN.

Kentucky wins, 76 to 69. All moaning about Kentucky’s lackadaisical defense and how two white Kentucky players can’t shoot 3 pointers starts in the comments. I’m sure Matt or somebody will be along with more detailed notes late tonight.

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