A Short List of Awesome Things Richard Sherman Said Last Night on Campus

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Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


download_20150409_082833 You probably saw pictures of the Super Bowl winning cornerback with the football team yesterday.  You are probably wondering why he was on campus, in Lexington of all places. Every year, UK's Student Activities Board hosts a series of special guest speakers.  The last one I attended featured Matt Jones, John Clay and Buzz Baker.  No offense to those guys, but Sherman was a much more enticing attraction.  Sitting within spitting distance in the second row, I was privileged with an awesome experience that I'll try to put in words. -  On growing up in Compton... "You learn how valuable a meal is."  Life in Compton was a daily competition, whether on a playground, in the streets or simply living at home.  He admitted that he was a bit of a loner; kind of an oddball that would later be considered a "weird cool" once people realized how gifted he was athletically. -  "Since your from Compton, do you know Kendrick Lamar?" That's one hell of an assumption, but, "Funny you say that, we actually met last week."  They're collaborating on a charity to benefit kids in the area. -  Why Stanford?  "I'm a guy that likes to prove people wrong."  He probably could have gotten in without football, he was that smart.  He was also smart enough to know that football isn't forever.  Surprise, surprise, but Sherman told the crowd he'd like to be a broadcaster after his playing days. -  On college distractions, "They had to force us into parties sometimes."  Needless to say, Stanford nerds are a little different.  His form of distraction was staying up late in his dorm, debating current events like the President's most recent actions abroad. -  He is a Harry Potter guy?!?!?!?  His favorite is the Half-Blood Prince, "I felt bad for Dumbledore."  He emphatically believes he'd be a Gryffindor. -   On using social media, "Those days where you feel like you shouldn't post those pictures, delete 'em."  Probably the best and most 'duh' advice he gave of the night.  But he did concede some, "but you also have to stay true to who you are." He also said don't act like a robot, "There's a world full of robots." -  His childhood role model?  Muhammad Ali.  Sherman takes a stand on issues from time to time, but none can compare to the issues Ali stood for. -  On NFL revenue sharing, "How much time you got?"  Sherman, Doug Baldwin, and Marshawn Lynch have used the press conference to call out their hypocrisy before.  Lynch's "Y'all know why I'm here," shtick is a result of their conversations. -  What would he do if he was the commish, "I'd be less visible."  Roger Goodell has never had to tackle somebody with perfect form before, so why should he dictate how the game is played?  He also hates the punishment and suspension system where Goodell has made himself the omnipotent determiner of destiny for players.  Guys get suspended for DUIs while owners accept millions in sponsorship from Budweiser, "They were probably drinking Bud Light to get that DUI." -  His favorite receiver to cover?  "Dez (Bryant)" -  Who's his favorite Kentucky player?  "Can I say all of them?"  Not playing favorites was a smart move in that crowd, but he did concede he was a fan of the Twins.  He disagrees with the one and done rule and thinks it's silly to kill a person's eligibility if they declare for the Draft and don't make it. -  Should college athletes be paid?  A swift 100% yes, with a, "I'm sure the NCAA, those crooks wouldn't allow that either."  That quote probably isnt' as good as this one, "I'm still looking for my check.  The school is making millions of dollars and I look in my account and it's negative 35 dollars." -  What he's learned from being a father...."If you lay a baby on his back he'll rainbow pee right in his face." -  On what he thinks about Nick Roush, "We're gonna be friends."  I'm not joking.  I told you I was sitting in the second row, a dangerous place if you've ever seen me in a crowd.  Rather than simply applauding or cheering, I'm a big fan of a deep, "OH YEEEEAH!" screaming cheer.  It didn't take long for him to notice me, "This guy's bringing the energy."  After asking my name, he entertained a question of mine about speaking his mind on controversial subjects.  A genuinely nice person, he tried to be personable with EVERYONE he came in contact with, not just me.  But it's safe to say we're now the best of friends.  

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