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A Song for the Ages

by:Matt Jones06/22/06
Now as many of you know, I like to make fun of things. And some things actually make fun of themselves. But I tend to try and not be too harsh on creations that are sincerely made and full of emotion. For these things, emotional investment has been made and to mock them seems to me to be a bit over the top. Thus I will say nothing about the newly popular "I Bleed Blue" by Kentucky singer/song writer, Ryan Parker. Parker's song is a tribute to the greatness that is the Kentucky basketball program. Now we all know that I believe that the Kentucky basketball program is great, thus I am predisposed to like this song. But in all actuality, I just simply cant. Below is the link for the video and well....I will leave the comments to you. Also look at the link below for other Parker songs. They include "Ballad of the Bengals" and "We are Marshall", a song tribute to the 1970 Marshall football plane crash. And with that, I will say nothing else. I Bleed Blue the Video Link to Ryan Parker's songs

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