A Top 10 for Kentucky's 225th Birthday

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On this date in 1792 (also a tasty bourbon), Kentucky successfully seceded from Virginia to become America's 15th state.  Our wonderful Commonwealth has blessed the world with bourbon, bluegrass, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Happy Birthday song, Muhammad Ali, beautiful horses and fast women.  The first 225 were pretty good; here's to making the next 225 even better.

The Finals are Finally Here

After an approximately seven week layoff, playoff basketball is back.  It's round three of the Cavs vs. Warriors.  Even though the first time around LeBron was left without a supporting cast and the Cavs are defending champs, the Warriors are YUGE favorites in Vegas thanks to Kevin Durant.  That's why I want the Cavs to win.  If they silence the Warriors again, maybe American can finally quit comparing him to Jordan and just enjoy his greatness.
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Calipari was at the Stanley Cup

After the Preds got absolutely hosed by a BS offsides in the first period of Game One (I don't know hockey and I know that was BS), John Calipari traveled to Pittsburgh to ensure a PengWIN.  The Preds lost 4-1 and now trail by two games in the series. https://twitter.com/UKCoachCalipari/status/870107773681401856 Don't worry Preds fans.  The Penguins have Coach Cal, but they also now have Beiber on their side.  Their luck can't last much longer.

Hear Stoops and Calipari on Finebaum

Before Cal got to Pittsburgh, he was in Destin, Florida for the SEC Spring Meetings.  I don't think much of anything "officially" was accomplished, but we did hear two interesting interviews from Cal and Stoops on The Paul Finebaum Show. Calipari did not stick to sports, creating an interview that showed a side we rarely get to see.  Stoops stuck to football and was excited to be optimistic about this season.  He spoke highly of Stephen Johnson, he couldn't contain his smile when discussing his defense that's returning nine starters and he spoke of the future. "All of those things we've been talking about the past couple of years, you see them coming to fruition right now and good things are happening at Kentucky," Stoops said.  "We're capable of an awful lot, we really are.  The sky's the limit for us.  There's a great opportunity here for us." Hear it all here.

Courtney Love is Making Courtney Love Jokes

The Kentucky senior middle linebacker hears the jokes all the time.  Now, even Kurt Cobain's wife is getting in on the fun. https://twitter.com/Courtney/status/870109329831018496

Fox Inks Shoe Deal

The former Kentucky point guard has taken care of business before he earns a Top Three spot in the NBA Draft.  The Vertical reports Fox has inked a multi-year shoe deal with Nike.  A pleasant person to talk to with a charismatic personality and the following of the BBN, Fox was a top target for shoemakers.  Now he's a part of Team Nike with Anthony Davis, Devin Booker, Trey Lyles and many more. Now somebody please, for the love of God give John Wall a shoe deal.

Snell is Going to Rip their Heads Off

Please, America.  PLEASE keep sleeping on Benny Snell.  Just keep making him mad.  Keep knocking away at that chip on his shoulder.  He already runs "like somebody hit his mom."  What's he going to do next?  Make all everyone in the SEC L O L.

Jarren Williams is a Four-Star

Rivals made a smart move yesterday by making the future Kentucky quarterback a four-star prospect.  The second recruiting company to make Williams a four-star, it might not be long before Scout and 247 join the party.

Tiger's DUI Video is Out

I didn't want to watch the dash cam footage, but I couldn't resist.  Even though he's pretty messed up, at least he wasn't a jerk to the police.  I won't embed it in the post, but if you're curious you can watch it on TMZ.

A KY Speller made the Scripps Finals

Tara Singh of Louisville became one of 40 National Spelling Bee Finalists after successfully spelling ‘Miniver’ (plain white fur for lining clothes) and Guamanian (relating to Guam) correctly.  A four-time participant in the National Spelling Bee, she'll begin her quest to become the nation's best speller today at 10:00 on ESPN2.  Make sure you're following @FunkhouserKSR to keep up with Singh throughout the day.

Ryan and Matt are at the Poke Sallett Festival

Today should be an interesting show.  The KSR crew has successfully made it to the Poke Sallett Festival in Harlan after Ryan forgot the radio equipment and did this:

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