Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 260: Oklahoma State, Cade Cunningham and COVID on Campus

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It's Monday and you know what that means: An all new episode of the Aaron Torres Podcast. Aaron opens the show by discussing Oklahoma State's postseason ban and the what it means for the best high school player in America, Cade Cunningham. And then explains the good news in positive COVID-19 tests in college football, before wrapping with Mike Norvell's comments from last week. Here is a rundown of today's show: Oklahoma State, Cade Cunningham and shockwaves across college basketball: Aaron opens with the big story since the last episode, Oklahoma State receiving a one-year postseason ban (5:00). Aaron talks about the big ramification: What happens to Cade Cunningham, and explains why if Cunningham goes to the G-League, it could be a death knell college hoops never recovers from (14:30). He also explains what it means for Louisville, Kansas and all the other schools caught in the FBI probe (25:30). Covid in College Football + Mike Norvell: Next, Aaron turns his attention to the other big story in college sports: The return of football players to campus this week, and explains why players at Alabama, Auburn and other schools testing positive for COVID-19 is actually a good thing (33:00). Finally, he gets into the Mike Norvell story from last week, and explains why -- despite the internet getting mad at him -- he would not have published Norvell's quote which went viral (40:30). Get the podcast delivered directly to your phone by subscribing to the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast feed on iTunes or simply stream online through Spotify.  Don’t forget to follow the show on Instagram too.

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