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Adam Morrison

by:Matt Jones02/11/06

Since I spent most of last Tuesday praising JJ Redick and his uncanny ability to hit the big shot against North Carolina, equal time must be given to the heroics of Adam Morrison. Much is made of Adam’s moustache (but as discussed earlier, he doesnt hold a candle to Joakim Noah on that front), but Morrison’s game truly has to be given respect. Tonight he hit threes from all angles, posted players up, got a key block and totally dominated a game that was really one of his only national spotlights. “The Kennel” was rocking and Morrison did not disappoint, hitting key baskets in the last four minutes and finishing with 33 points, all of which seemed effortless. Like JJ Redick, Morrison is a joy to watch for his effort and the completeness of his game. He rises to the big moment, and he is truly an exciting player.

I watched a great deal of luge today, including the debut of “The Sliding White Sausage”, who currently stands in fifth going into day two. I cannot bear figure skating, although one KSR contributor raised the question of whether there has ever been a same-sex pairs figure skating team…..kind of a “Brokeback Pairs Competition.” I am for it, and I nominate Rob Gidel and the Intern as the US entrant.

In other news, check out Larry Vaught’s piece in the Danville Advocate on Sunday. Vaught is the BEST writer covering UK sports and his piece on Sunday shows why.

Finally, I am not sure to what extent you folks like to read, but if you do and are at all interested in the world in which we live, go buy “The Fabric of the Cosmos” by Brian Greene. It is a book by a physicist that seeks to dumb down string theory and other physics issues so that we who have no background can get some understanding of the universe in which we live. While I dont think it offers any explanation for Tubby Smith’s peculiar insistence on playing zone against three point shooting teams, it is nevertheless a worthwhile read.

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