An E-town showdown in Tuscaloosa

An E-town showdown in Tuscaloosa

Thomas Beisnerabout 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Thank goodness for Chris Todd splitting up these two titans on Signing Day 2005. It was a pretty big deal back in 2005 when Elizabethtown's big three football players got together to announce their college decisions.  The 2-A power was sending three players to Division I schools in the forms of QB Chris Todd (Texas Tech), D-lineman Brandon Deaderick (Bama) and TE Zipp Duncan (UK) and they all got together to sign their LOI's and snap photos.  They might have even kissed a few babies.  The News-Enterprise was all over it. But, we're far from the hugs and high-fives of that festive day as Duncan has made the move to the O-line for the Cats and he's set to square off with his former teammate, who is now a starting defensive end for the Tide.  So, with the home state squad heading to Tuscaloosa and a battle with a familiar face on the horizon, the student newspaper at Alabama did a little story on how Deaderick is feeling about all of this Kentucky madness.  Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of bulletin board material in the story that will get you fired up inside.  But, my sister's boyfriend's co-worker's uncle's neighbor said that he signed someone's Facebook wall and said that Dicky Lyons sits down when he pees. We must crush him now. 

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