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An old friend back on campus


Can’t make this stuff up
In case anyone was unaware, I, the intern, am a senior at the “Top 20” institution, U of K. As I’m sitting in a lecture hall yesterday, eagerly awaiting the splendor of consumer economics, a certain 7’3 figure saunters through the door (5 minutes late mind you) and proceeds to plop down right in front of me. Now, I see Shag-nasty around campus often, after all, he fits in like Bob Huggins at BYU. However, when another almost 7 foot specimen walked in a minute later, I, along with 75 other coeds, did a double take. It was none other than Marquis Estill himself. Looks like the Richmond, Ky project is keyed up for some more projects of his own. During the class, I thought about questions I could ask ‘Quis after class, like: a) what in the world brings you back to school? b) seriously, why are you in school again? and c) is your eligibility still legit (along with the knees)? Yet, when class dismissed, Quis was nowhere to be found, but an eventful day for this wildcat fan nonetheless.
PS: I will attempt to sit next to both Quis and Shag and see if I can catch a glimpse of the grades on their papers…I’m assuming academic Deans have yet to discover Kentuckysportsradio, as they are joyless, and out of touch with cutting edge journalism.

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