And the Band Played On....

by:Matt Jones09/17/06
Well I had hoped our words would have done some good. I was hoping that Commonwealth would get the message of this blog and change the musical selections at the game on Saturday. And in some ways they did....the house DJ at Commonwealth was better....not modern mind you, but Hammer and Next are a bit better than constant Terri Clark and Reba McEntire. As a matter of fact, none of the standard Kentucky country ballads were played by the DJ, and the stadium benefited from the decision. But oh the band....just when you think things are changing, out comes the band. They played three songs, the first of which I slept through and the other two were Big Band favorite "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "When a Man Loves a Woman. Yes you read that correctly. The band, whose job it is to pump up the crowd into a heightened frenzy played two songs, one best known for being the centerpiece of any youth piano/dance recital and the other a wedding reception classic for the uncool. And may I add, they played them mediocrely. And it wasnt just the music. The flag corp is awful, and not just because they are led by a male who gets more television time than Coolio on the Fox Reality Channel. They are out of sync and drop their flags like they were Cal Berkeley students in 1968. It is truly pitiful. Look I will support anything that is University of Kentucky oriented. I gave every new Hall of Fame member a standing ovation (and why Jenny Hansen, likely the most decorated female athlete in UK history was not in the inaugural class is beyond me) and duly stood up to applaud the UK professor with the best selling book. But fix the band.....NOW!

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