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Aritcle written by:Christopher JohnsChristopher Johns
big-and-rich-202x300 A few notes regarding your football Wildcats while you ponder the irony involved if Fidelity sponsors any pro-golf tournaments next year: -UK Athletics posted all their ticket information for the bowl game. Season ticket holders were mailed an application before the Tennessee game. There is a link for non-ticket holders. Deadline for tickets is December 4th (Friday), so get those apps in, people. -Once you get your tickets, you should take a look at Clay Travis' Music City Bowl Tips column from 2007. I went to the FSU game and Clay is right about the cabs. Those guys are in short supply and, as the night wears on, their attitudes become asymmetric with our normal expectation of southern hospitality. Get a hotel downtown even if you have to pay a little more. The frustration you'll save not having to deal with cabs is worth it. -Stewart Mandel of CNN/SI predicts that Clemson will be UK's opponent in Nashville. His reasoning is that even if Georgia Tech loses, they won't fall below the Champs Bowl. Guh. Two orange teams in a row is something I don't think my eyes or stomach can handle. He also notes that the number beside the conference slotting (e.g. Big Ten No. 2 vs SEC No. 3) pretains to the bowl choice of conference team rather than where the team ranked in the conference at the end of the season. -Mike Organ of The Tennessean reports that the Wildcats are a good draw for the MCB and that our showing of 68,661 fans against Flordia State ranked in the top ten for bowl attendance for the 2007-08 season. UK fans are the best. There is a certain amount of pride I take in knowing my fellow fans flat bring it to every UK event. -Rich Brooks states that there are "no guarantees" that he will come back in 2010 and his decision will be made after the bowl game when he has a meeting with the UKAA. Those aren't the words of a man that is determined to coach next year. -Jeff Dunham is going to appear at the Sommet Center in Nashville on the same day the Cats will be playing their bowl game. Yeah. The guy with all the crazy puppets. His comedy is at 5:00 and the Big Blue won't kick off until 7:30, so those of you that are interested might be able to see both events. I have it on good authority that BTI idolizes 'Bubba J' and Drew Franklin has a 'Walter' Fat Head in his living room.

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