And We're Only Two Weeks Away

Will Lentzalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Like most of you, I love the 15ths of every month.  Not only do I get paid, but rent and bills aren’t due for a couple more weeks, either.  But this 15th is going to be a special one.  In two weeks Big Blue Madness begins, and with it, the basketball season along with it.   We still don’t know who is going to fill out the roster, but given last years spectacle, it should be a fun one.  Tickets went on ‘sale’ this morning, and like years past, they were gone within the hour.  All 24,000.  But if you didn’t end up with any, there’s always eBay for about a hundred dollars a ticket.  Or you know, you could always win a KSR contest.

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