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Angry Stoops is angry about today's practice

Sad Stoops Mark Stoops is not a happy man right now. Stoops wasn't supposed to meet with the media today, but decided to anyway, telling reporters his players had an "unacceptable" practice. "An unacceptable day on both sides," Stoops said. "We took a step backwards. That's one day we can't get back." Stoops didn't give a detailed injury report, but did say that there were a few illnesses on the team that hopefully will clear up in the next few days. As for linebacker Ryan Flannigan, "he's getting better, getting more range of motion." When asked, Stoops said that overall, yes, this was the first bad practice of camp. "I think you're always unhappy with certain segments of practice, certain pieces, but overall, this is our worst day of camp," he said. When asked for specifics, offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson shook his head. "I don't know if it's no energy or whatever, it's just we didn't execute very well. If we play like that, we won't beat anyone on our schedule, I'll tell you that." Earlier this month, I asked how long it would take before we saw an angry Stoops. If you predicted fifteen days in, congrats. You win.

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