Another Big Weekend Ahead

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wewewewewew Its been a great week for UK news and on Friday night, we need to get ready for another big weekend. Some notes: --- Saturday night at 8 pm, Doron Lamb will likely commit to Kentucky as part of the Jordan Brand Classic. Dime Magazine shunned its normal "Friday we talk about nickels and quarters" theme to instead break the news that Lamb had committed to Kentucky. However I believe that in recruiting, as with the ladies, the deal is not sealed until its sealed. We havent decided whether to commemorate the occasion with a Live Blog, but if you check back in on here and on Twitter, we will let you know. Either way, tomorrow UK gets its shooter. --- Not a ton of other recruiting news of interest. Tony Wroten Jr likes the Cats, Marquis Teague may like the Cards, blah blah blah. If you like recruiting, you already know that. For our actual players, Patrick Patterson will have a press conference next week to announce whether he is coming or going. His mom says he is likely going, confirming what we have known for a long time. IF he decides to go, it is a press conference I am going to try and attend if at all possible and hopefully broadcast over a cell phone...just for old time sake. --- Enes Kanter is not yet eligible, so says the NCAA person in charge of that sort of thing. As we have said for some time, it is his amateurism status that must still be determined, but there continues to be confusion on the issue. Just assume Enes is ok until someone tells you that he is not. And then figure out how to incorporate the Undertaker into all that he does. --- Brandon Knight didnt sign a LOI, which confused Pat Forde, who made a skeptical remark on Twitter about signing "financial aid papers", until everyone else said it showed how smart Knight was, and then he belatedly agreed. It is a very smart move by Knight and is honestly what every kid should do who is a top recruit. Letters of Intent do nothing but bind kids in ways that have no benefit for them. Kids if you read this, never sign them...follow the lead of Brandon Knight. --- Want to feel old? Follow John Wall on Twitter. I honestly have little idea what he is saying at any point...but he does seem happy and he is about to be crazy rich. --- Quick question to the weekend readers....if the KSR crew teamed up with the folks from Wazoo Sports to do "Kentucky Sports Radio Theater" and were able to do "KSR crew commentary" for old UK games, while incorporating the thoughts of some who played in those games, would you watch? To me, having me, Drew, CM Tomlin and the Turkey Hunter (and Beisner if he wasnt all daddyfied in Tampa) doing our thing to old UK game tapes would be crazy fun. Incorporate Sheppard, Richie, Padgett, Woo or others who played in the game...and it is gold. Thoughts? Finally, be nice to the people who write on the site and the folks (especially the ladies) in pictures. Anonymous rips of people are pretty rude and it is amazing what some people think is ok to say to others. Please be respectful and act like you were saying these things to the people's face....if you do that, you can still have fun but you dont have to be obnoxious and hurtful. There was way too much of that today. More as the day goes on.....

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