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Drew Franklin (pictured far left) enjoying his freshman year at Vanderbilt. I feel like I might be having a little flash of Deja Vu. Just a few weeks ago we were joined together on a Dandy Vandy Saturday. This time should be no different. I'll bring you the look ahead at Vandy's probable starters, some post game notes and quotes, other news and maybe a little recruiting info along the way. But first, as always, let's start off with a few links:

- SI takes a look at the impact Saturday's game will have on the SEC East race.

- Cal says that the Cats are good enough to beat anybody, but play in a way that makes anyone good enough to beat them.

- The Player's Perspective: Ramon Harris talks about Vandy, Mississippi State and playing teams a second time around. Darius Miller talks about his first time in Memorial (not to be confused with his memorial first time), followed by Calipari giving a few quotes about today's matchup.

- Everyone's favorite faux hawk, Gary Parrish, talks about Saturday's games and his pick for game of the day, which just so happens to be UK vs Vanderbilt. Lucky.

- Mr. Sky Walker says that the Cats are even with teams in the top 5 right now, but he still feels they can get even better. In a second piece, Kenny talks about exactly what he feels the Cats need to do to get to that next level.

- The oddities of Memorial Gym are explored by the Kentucky Kernel.

- Lastly, don't forget to scoot on over to CBS to check out what the boys are up to. They MAY be were covering the Butler/Siena game today but Iowa's winter wonderland forced a detour and they'll now be covering the Louisville-Depaul game, which should provide more awkwardness anyways. Also, feel free to rip them in the comments just like you would here. Just because they're on CBS doesn't mean they aren't still the same no talent idiots that you love to tear to pieces on here.

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