Anthony Davis Block Targets

Andrew Cassadyabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew CassadyAndrew Cassady


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] I want to see the blocking equivalent of this.[/caption] In just under twenty-four hours Team USA will make their debut against France at 9:30 am our time. This is France's first trip to the Olympics since 2000 when Vince Carter set their basketball team back 12 years in one ferocious dunk. This year's French national team features a ton of NBA players who could give the US a close game but I doubt that is going to happen. I expect team USA to roll and for Anthony Davis to make his Olympic debut. Once he is in the game you know he is going after every shot with a vengeance. Here are the players I expect Anthony Davis to most likely block:   Tony Parker. Chance of being blocked: 12% Tony Parker is probably the most famous French player in the history of the sport. The long time Spurs point guard helped lead the French team to a second place finish in last year's Eurobasket which in turn sent them on to London. Tony Parker is one of the more crafty guards in the league so he may be able to find a way to score around the long arms of the Brow. Still I would never count Anthony Davis out against blocking anyone, even one of the NBA's best point guards. Still Parker's odds are low since if Davis is in the game most likely Tony will be on the bench.   Ronney Turiaf. Chance of Being Blocked: 28% Turiaf won his first ring of his seven year NBA career with the Miami Heat this past season and would love the opportunity to become an Olympic gold medalist. Unfortunately for the big Frenchman he will be going up against to of the best defenders in the game. Turiaf has had some great moments in blocking during his NBA career such as the time he rejected Kobe Bryant but I expect he should be one of the easier targets if AD is matched up with him late in the game.   Boris Diaw.  Chance of Being Blocked: 45% Another French player from the Spurs Boris Diaw could be one of the primary targets of Anthony Davis' blocking wrath once he is inserted into the game. Diaw takes the ball to the rack in the most stereotypical French fashion. In the clip below he goes for a dunk and Kobe comes across the lane to reject the pathetic attempt. Anthony Davis would have blocked this dunk so hard that the ball would have flown across the court into the opposite goal. The refs would have no choice but to award five points for such a spectacular play.   Kevin Seraphin. Chance of Bring Blocked: 60% The second year NBA man from the Wizards has  the highest chance of being blocked by Davis since if Davis is on the floor late in the game Seraphin will most likely be in as well. After watching this clip these French players appear to take the ball to the rack with almost zero authority. Anthony Davis killed  the weak shot attempt of the Brazilian player last week. If the Brow gets in against France I would expect much of the same thing.   After wreaking havoc upon college basketball for one short year Anthony Davis gets his chance to showcase his blocking prowess before the world. Once he eliminates this first group of block targets expect the unibrow to become a worldwide phenomenon. What player do you most look forward to seeing Anthony Davis swat during this Olympic run?      

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