Are you Ready for Signing Day....Kentucky Sports Radio is!

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
On the same day as the blog had its 2 Millionth visitor (still blows my mind), today is the day that Football Recruiting folks consider to be the "Star Trek Convention" of their wonderful obsession. Yes ladies and gentlemen ITS SIGNING DAY! Now the question is how will we cover Signing Day? Will it be better than the way other sites.....including those you pay for....will it be better coverage than you can get anywhere else? The answer is a resounding yes. Over the course of today, Rob Gidel will be taking over this here blog with up-to-the minute updates on who has signed with Kentucky, as they make their commitments official. On this site, you will get a bio of every signee, a picture (where one exists) and Rob's view on where they will fit in on the team and if the pickup is a good one. Simply put, this blog will be rocking tomorrow with more football recruiting news you can shake a stick at! Enjoy it and look here tomorrow for our special podcast where Rob and I go over all of the pickups and do interviews with some of the big ones. Should be great.... Couple of quick news items.... Kenny Frease has severely injured his eye and eye socket after a horrific incident on the basketball floor where he was elbowed in the eye by a "notorious" opponent. He is having surgery and while the prognosis is good, he still at this point has double vision. This bears watching as Frease may be the "MLTCE" aka "Most Likely to Commit Early" for the Cats. We wish the kid well. Jai Lucas will be visiting UK for the Florida game on Saturday. This only adds to what I think will be one of the greatest atmospheres in some time at Rupp Arena. He plans on taking one more visit after that to Maryland, and then its decision-making time. When getting ready for Florida, remember that Jai will be around as well..... The South Carolina game is of course tonight, and no we havent forgotten it. However it is hard to get excited about a team you just beat by 40 on the road. However the Cats better not look past the Cocks, because the game Saturday is only special if you take care of business on Wednesday. Buckle your seatbelts Cats fans.....Signing Day is coming.....and while you are at it, listen to our show.... ESPN Radio February 3rd Show

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