Ask Anything Mailbox, Vol. 4: Checkerboard, wiping and more

Drew Franklinby:Drew Franklin07/12/18


The "Ask Anything Mailbox" returns with another round of random and somewhat bizarre questions sent in by you, the readers. In this fourth edition of the mailbox, I tackle several important topics and one I'm not so sure about. Let's go.
Will you ever be an everyday cohost on KSR radio? Maybe one day on down the line, but for now I'm just excited to be adding a third day to my weekly rotation in August. Once the summer tour slows down and we get back to a regular routine, I will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday most weeks.
My question is this:  Is there really any chance the website will be updated from the creaky, duct-taped thing it is now?  As you may notice from my sig I am on the faculty at Bama (please let me know if/when you guys are in town next) and have a pretty good internet connection and it is *sad* how horribly the site loads. I agree and, yes, we will soon begin the process of a new re-design, although, knowing us, it won't be done until 2025 at the earliest. If you think the site looks bad, you should see what we have to deal with on the back end sometimes. It can be very, very, very frustrating.
Do you wipe back to front or front to back...
Everyone (women especially) should be wiping front to back. I won't go into explicit detail, but when you're going back to front you are moving the fecal matter the wrong direction and it can lead to much bigger problems. I actually prefer to use a bidet when available. I think the bidet is very underrated in the innovation world.
Drew, I have an unpopular opinion; the checker board uniforms don’t bother me that much.  I am all for what the kids want to wear and if they want to have on a scuba suit with batman mask, I am all for it as long as we are ready to make a run in March.   But I do find myself wondering why all that hate to the uniforms, true they are not great but seems like a lot of hate at something that just appears like a plain old uniform to me. I do have 3 kids and in my late 30s so I know I am not in touch with what is cool or on point. I am with you. I like whatever the athletes wearing them like. The problem there is all of the basketball players hate the uniforms. Mitch Barnhart can say the student-athletes love them all he wants (and I'm sure a lot of them do) but we've now heard several basketball players complain about them, including Kevin Knox, who said the whole team talked about how bad they are. I think they're fine on the football uniforms but the basketball uniforms are trash. Go back to these from 2014 and everyone will be happy.
I would like to know why I’m banned from posting comments on articles, I use the KSR app & haven’t been able to posts commments for 3-4 months now, my handle is/was BigBlueBass.
BigBlueBass, good to hear from you again. I have no idea why you're unable to post comments but I'll look into it. Did you say something nasty about my mother? Because Nancy Franklin is a saint. I can't think of any reason why I would ban you unless you did something like that. Maybe one of the others writers blocked you. I'll go digging but you better hope I don't find anything dirty in your comment history.
Did you intend to be at KSR this long, or have you been trapped by your own Celebrity Status? I did not intend to be at KSR this long, but I held on in the early days when there was no money, in hopes it would turn into something. The gamble paid off and here we are. I'll hit my nine-year mark next month and it's been a fun ride. I'm glad I turned down all those cubicle jobs right out of college.
Why didn't you go to Buffett at Riverbend this year? Touchy subject. Buffett is one of my favorite days of the year and I had to miss it Tuesday for only the second time in a decade. Work got me. With Roush out on his honeymoon and TJ at the Peach Jam, I had to stay back to help out with the website. We also had our menu tasting for KSBar and Grille that night and I couldn't miss that. I'll be back next year, hopefully.
You're not really serious about Nick Richards are you? I AM SO SERIOUS. SOPHOMORE NICK RICHARDS WILL. BE. GREAT. Mock me now, but you'll see. I will die for this take.
Drew, We both share a love of Jack Demsey’s.  However while in NYC I find myself just eating bar food because I’m only familiar with the strip between Jack’s and MSG.  Any suggestions of NYC restaurants? I've been trapped in that area between Jack Demsey's and MSG on an empty stomach many times. If you find yourself there again, there is some good sports bar food at Legends just down the street from Demsey's. Best mac n' cheese on the planet. Ask for Enda and tell him I sent you. Outside of that area, Breakroom Burgers & Tacos is an awesome place down by City Hall. It's a new favorite of mine. I could go on all day about good food in the city. The Halal Guys (make sure you go to the real one and not the copycats) at 53rd and 6th is always a must-stop for me too. Oh, and the pork belly buns from Momofuku are delicious. Dangit, now I want to go to New York.
If you were in charge of coming up with Matt’s campaign slogan, what would it be? "Mitch McConnell is a Louisville fan. That is all."
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