Ask Anything Mailbox, Vol. 5: KSBar Edition

Drew Franklinby:Drew Franklin07/27/18


With KSBar and Grille set to open in exactly one month from today, this week's "Ask Anything Mailbox" is a special KSBar edition. You submitted your questions about our new bar, and I answer them below.  
When does it open? I'll be there the day before waiting. Doors will open to the public on August 27, just in time to get some weekday practice reps in before the first college football weekend of the season. That first Saturday is going to be insane.
How often will the KSR crew be at the bar? We have lives to live so we won't be there around the clock, but we'll be there often, especially in the early stages. I'll be there the most because the KSR office is going upstairs, where Maria and I will be Monday-Friday working on the website. I also committed to watching NFL games there on Sundays. Go Titans. I can't speak for everyone else, but you can expect to find Matt and Shannon there for every wrestling pay-per-view. Ryan will be there on UK game days and he'll probably take his family there for dinner every night too.
What are you going to do when it fails after two months? You guys are making a horrible mistake. It's a tough business and a bad location. You're in way over your heads.
First of all, thank you so much for your support. We've been working so hard these last few months and your confidence in us makes me feel better as it all comes together. So thank you. To answer your question, though; I don't think it will fail after two months.  Is it a tough business? Yes, of course. We're not idiots. We know what we're getting ourselves into. But we've aligned ourselves with people who know what they're doing and have had success in the industry, and we trust our built-in marketing and loyal audience to draw a crowd. Will everyone like it? We hope so. If they don't, then we hope we get an A for effort and trying something new. Whether it works or doesn't in the long run, it'll never be a horrible mistake. We're challenging ourselves to take a new step outside of our comfort zone and we're trying to give Lexington the sports bar it deserves. It's going to be a fun ride.
Will KSBar have Keno? You bet your ass KSBar will have Keno. I'm excited to see the weekly reports so I can know just how good the house has it and how rare it is to win big. I've played Keno a million times and the biggest ticket I've ever cashed was like two dollars. It's such a horrible game to play. That being said, I will be playing Keno all of the time.
Can you make sure in the KSBar restrooms that you PULL the door to enter, and you PUSH to exit. Surely you would agree that the current restaurant bathroom scene is backwards ... We have a push-to-enter, pull-to-exit setup like most bars and restaurants. Sorry?
At one point I thought I remembered Matt or someone on the show mention the possibility of running a shuttle on Fball game days for those who come to the restaurant and eat before the game. Was i dreaming that or is that a consideration? You were not dreaming. We are hoping we're able to run shuttles to Rupp Arena for basketball games and to Kroger Field for football games. However, there is a lot of logistical stuff behind the scenes to get worked out before we go out shopping for buses. We're exploring all options.
Will the on-site Podcast studio be in an open setting where fans can visit, eat, drink, and hear the tapings live? Also, how many beers on tap do you plan to have? And finally, what about dedicating a table or chair to Mr. John Short? Take care, man. Good luck with the opening. Oh, a three-parter. Nice. (1) Yes, some of the podcast tapings will be live in the restaurant. This will likely be the case for the KSR Football Podcast to start and others may follow. (2) We will have over 30 beers on tap, including some options you won't be able to get anywhere else. The beer selection is still TBD, so feel free to tweet your favorites to me at @DrewFranklinKSR or to the bar at @KSBarAndGrille and we'll try to keep everyone happy. (3) Mr. John Short will not have a dedicated table or chair but we will take good care of him anytime he wants to come in for a plain hamburger.
Is there tacos on the menu? There are no tacos on the menu. This was not my decision, clearly. But our wings, burgers and barbecue are awesome!
My friends and I are old with kids but every fall we get together at B Dubs for our fantasy football draft and drink beer. This year we want to move it to KSBar. Will you host fantasy football drafts?  Of course we will host fantasy football drafts. We'll even have a private room for you if you want to go that route. As for the reservations, that's a conversation we'll have later on. But we'll get your group in there and it'll be a grand ol' time for everyone.
Can I make a reservation for 10 people on April 6th and 8th? I have a feeling those will be two very busy nights. We better wait to see what's going on before I start giving away tables.
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