Attorney General Rules UofL Violated Open Records Law

Attorney General Rules UofL Violated Open Records Law

Nick Roushabout 5 years


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ramsey Kentucky attorney general Andy Beshear ruled Thursday that UofL violated open records law when an "inadequate" investigation concluded with a postseason ban on the 2016 basketball team. When UofL announced the postseason ban in February, they were supposed to have supporting documentation available.  The university denied the requests made by Dr. Peter Hasselbacher, president of the Kentucky Health Policy Institute, and told Dr. Hasselbacher those records did not exist. After Dr. Hasselbacher appealed to the state's Attorney General, UofL said investigator Chuck Smrt had access to those records.  Yet, when the state requested those records, UofL and Smrt refused to turn them over to the state. Like most of the legal issues surrounding UofL, the consequences of their actions are yet to be determined.  Read the response from Andy Beshear and the details here, via WDRB.

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