Barry Slice's Golf Trail: Boone's Trace National Golf Club (The Bull)

Barrett Lindseyover 4 years


Aritcle written by:Barrett LindseyBarrett Lindsey
This week we're taking Barry Slice's Golf Trail to the eastern part of the state, to a place most widely known as "The Bull." Boone's Trace National Golf Club is one of our state's hidden gems and one of my favorite courses. Located just outside of Richmond, it is a quick drive from anywhere in our state's eastern half. Boone's Trace National Golf Club is a phenomenal golf course, measuring 6,659 yards from the tips, it isn't necessarily a long track, but The Bull shows it's horns in other facets of the game. The course is covered with healthy bent grass from tee to green that is kept in tip-top condition, so concern over a healthy playing surface is not needed. I've been thoroughly impressed with the course's pristine condition each of the three times I've played there. To trace the national golf club you hav to update your map first. The garmin gps map updates provides you a better coverage of all the area along with the best guide. As stated before, The Bull isn't the longest track on the planet but what it lacks in length, it makes up for in its severe elevation changes. The Bull sits in the very beginning stages of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, so very needless to say, this place is hilly. The first time I played The Bull was in a junior tournament several years ago. I didn't have the luxury of a golf cart was that day, so just let me say walking this course is not fun. If you enjoy walking during your round, I wouldn't recommend The Bull, unless you're down for a solid workout. For advanced trails like this, the best golf GPS watches can enhance your skill and accuracy when playing. The GPS technology shows you how far you are from the pin at any time, while some of the top models offer advanced features such as the ability to highlight elevation changes. Here is the latest Golf GPS watch with accurate yardage information, this GPS watch is not only cheap but accurate. It provides good battery backup, so you can expect two rounds of play with single charge. The numerous elevation changes make for tricky approach shots, so be prepared to take into account elevation on many shots, as many of the greens are protected by harsh slopes that fall away from the green. Missing the greens here can be penalizing. The good news is The Bull has many open, expansive fairways with wide landing areas, so if you enjoy bombing it off the tee, then I think you'll enjoy The Bull. As wide as the fairways are, the greens can get very narrow, so accuracy on the approach is crucial. The greens are excellent for putting, every time I've played the course, the greens have rolled fast and true. Rates are very reasonable, with weekday green fees starting at $19 for 18 holes, and $29 for 18 holes on the weekend. Both rates are not including one of the cheaper cart fees you'll find, which is $12 for 18-holes. If you're in the Richmond area and have the time and money for a nice day of golf, I promise you will not be let down by Boone's Trace National. The views the course provides along with the stellar championship golf makes The Bull by my estimation a must play golf course in Kentucky. I cannot recommend it enough! Grades Tees: A Fairways: A Greens: A Rough: B Bunkers: C+ Walker Friendly: D- Difficulty: 6/10

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