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Basketball Visitors on Campus

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
leonard W During an otherwise wonderful Saturday at Commonwealth Stadium, a common question continued to be uttered by people that I met during the tailgating festivities: Matt, when are we going to get a big guy? I responded the same way that I have responded for the last few months......"well, I dont really know." For the big man search at Kentucky continues to go on, and it isnt clear where it will end up. The best player still available that Kentucky is a true contender with is Chris Singleton, but it is unclear if Kentucky can overcome the strides that schools like Tennessee made early. John Reik is a possibility, although both his interest and ability remain a bit of a mystery. Then there are outside guys like J'Mison Morgan who are good contenders, but who are looking at a number of schools. So with that uncertainty as a backdrop, comes the word that Leonard Washington may have visited UK during this past weekend. Ahhh Leonard the hiring of Alvin Brooks (which now seems back "on"), the on-again, off-again nature of the Leonard Washington recruitment continues to baffle. Originally a 2008, then 2007, then 2008, then 2007 and now maybe back to 2008 recruit, Washington is a kid that draws mixed reactions from the UK fanbase. His initial appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio is still talked about ("I plan on visiting all the schools") and his personality has gained some supporters in the recruiting community. But then there is the baggage. There is of course the fight he got in this summer, rumors of possible issues with his high school team and an entourage type feeling among many of his handlers. In short, Washington is a recruit that could really go in any direction. Here is what we do know. Somone was visiting this weekend and that someone was a big man. Multiple people confirm seeing Billy Clyde with a player and while none have told me that it is Washington, others on the internet are saying that it was him. If Washington ends up at UK, it will set up an interesting dynamic. Kentucky is high on Courtney Fortson, but he is one of the individuals who got in the fight with Washington in the AAU game and one wonders if it would effect his decision if Washington came here. There is also the question of when he might be eligible......there is talk that it could be mid-season this year, although such talk may just be wishful thinking. Either way, what was once considered a given (that Kentucky only wanted Washington to fill up their one open scholarship for this year) may no longer be such a given. It looks as if Kentucky may want Washington no matter the year. And if so, the Leonard Washington saga will continue......where it ends, no one surely knows.

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